Summer Vacation

Scooter is getting ready to go on her first summer vacation at her grandparent's house. She'll be in the Top 'o Texas for a full week without her mommy and daddy. We would be going crazy, but we're going to be preoccupied with our own summer vacation. We leave the day before she does, heading to Seattle and Sasquatch Music Festival via Las Vegas, Nevada! Oh, who am I kidding, we are going to go a little crazy without our little girl. We haven't been apart from her for more than a couple of overnight stays with Meemaw or Aunt Allie, and I know how hard it is to do that!

Things we plan on doing to keep ourselves busy: buffets, gambling, staying out late, sleeping in early, going to museums, dining at fine restaurants, catching some local music, camping, hiking, staying at a B&B, shopping, seeing the sites, riding a ferry, throwing some fish, and running into old friends. We'll be apart for almost ten days, so we have a lot planned to keep us as busy as possible.

We love you Scout-Scout! We'll miss you incredibly, but we also know you'll have a ton of fun with your Marmie and Papa! xoxoxo!