We're in the clear....

No swine flu here! Just a little tummy bug. She's doing better now, eating solids and holding down liquid. Everything looks on the up and up!

when your baby calls a puking rally at 3 pm....

The first thing you do is, *gag* "what's that smell?"
Then, the next thing you know, you're flinging doors open, screaming at the hubby to call 911 and everyone is covered in vomit.
Calm and level-headed, I am not.
Kiddo is doing okay, I think it might have just been something we ate? By dinner, we were keeping down fluids and tried some applesauce and toast. Everything is looking on the up and up, but we are going to Doctor Cav just to check in the morning.
I'm not even going to go into my irrational thoughts about pigs and flus.

I've got bangs...and I know how to use them.

My Iphone on the other hand? No idea how to use IT.

Two vids of the babe

Vid one is of Scooter and dad enjoying an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. Who is more enthralled with the show? I don't know. We are all pretty big fans here. Watch them get their wiggles out. Then you'll see how a 22 pound baby gets a grown man off of her pillow.

THEN...some baby tricks. These are the only two I could get her to do. BUT, you do get to hear her favorite word: "DANCE!"

Give this photo a title.

If I like your title the best, I'll send you 2 free AMC movie passes. Or something else I find lying around my house. ;)

Sick Dancing Orange Juice

Oh my goodness. SO, my life lately can be described by one word: snotty. Allergies have led to one heck of a sinus infection, complete with chest cough. SO, yeah. Baby S has not been affected, which is nice.
J has been busy busy busy busy busy busy busy with work and had to work straight through Easter weekend, so he didn't really get to enjoy my parents being in town, which is sad. But, I did get to spend lots of quality time with mom, which always feels a little bit nicer when I am sick (no matter how old I get).
Something that has been especially annoying lately is that stupid Tropicana commercial with the actress (what's her name?) who is dancing around in the kitchen to "She's a Lady." Oh my goodness, no one feels that good in the morning. AND no one, I mean NO ONE, feels that good about their orange juice. But, it does have one redeeming quality....it makes Scooter squeal with delight and shout "Dance Dance!" That is quickly followed up by a spastic clap dance that I really should catch on video...if J will ever bring back our camera to the house.

Moms on Oprah

So I'm a big fan of moms everywhere, duh. Thus being true, I was super psyched to see moms from the Momversation videos were going to be on Oprah, including Dooce, Karen, Melinda, and others (sorry, can't remember all).

The episode was great, but the more I thought about it, the more I got a little peeved. I mean, Oprah is known for being a little....how do you say it...."over the top?!" BUT, wasn't it just a big negative pity-party? So yeah, parenting is hard! It's not just hard for the moms (although, probably for most moms, it is)...but it is hard for the dads too. Men feel disillusioned as to what they expected from their lives, it's not just women. Everyone feels that.

So now is the time (as my mom would so blatantly put it) to put on our big girl panties and get glad!

*Waking up early sucks, but how much do we love our morning coffee, and those first snuggly moments with our little sleepy-heads? I know for a fact that Scout is stinkin' adorable early in the morning. When you walk into her room and she looks at you and points and says "GIOADOGJSDFJDFSIDIFJSDLJD," it makes it all worth while.

*So you're constantly juggling your work, baby, and home schedules. That's what life is about. You make plans, you take lessons, you teach your kids things, you spend time with them and you have to work to be able to do all of those things. It's a vicious cycle, but it is one that gives you purpose.

*So you are feeling unappreciated and struggling with your new identity as a parent or a provider. Ask for some recognition...maybe your partner is feeling at a loss. Maybe you need to give some cues. Take some time to yourself and regroup, but then dive back in! Get your feet wet! And the identity thing...someone on the Oprah show said it best...DON'T FIGHT IT! Re-invent yourself. You ARE a parent. It is a maddening thing, but it is a wonderful thing, too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the hardships don't deserve their acknowledgment, too. I'm just saying that if you focus on the negative, you're going to reap the negative. Take delight in the small moments and cherish them. Remember them. Hold on to them in the dark times, and you're going to be alright. Have some belly laughs. Roll in the floor with your kiddos (dogs enjoy this activity also). Go outside for a jog, a walk, or a bike ride and get some Spring-time sun on your cheeks. Sing a silly song and dance.

What are some things that get you through your hard days? What do you do to relieve a little stress? Share your thoughts below, and I'll pick a random winner who will receive a lifetime of free E-Hugs from yours truly. :D

Or just cry in the shower. ;)

lack of posts: symptom of allergies?

Sorry for the recent lack of posts...all I've been able to think of lately is my battle with pollen! I made a doctor's appointment today, after having my eyes swollen for 18 hours straight...and counting. It looks like I got in a fight...and lost!

I'll keep you posted...hopefully.

a blog post to a blog....

Check out www.brittanilouise.com to see a feature on Scout! Thanks again, Mrs. O for taking such amazing pictures of our little ham!