NYC 2007

NYC 2007

Now I know what those professional boxers feel like...

I made it to my next weight class! I gained five pounds! Wahoo!
We had our 2 wk check-up today and everything looks great. The nurse actually did a double take and then had to check our file to make sure I was the right person. haha! She couldn't believe how pregnant I look all of a sudden! Haha! I tried to tell these people that I've been eating...but the proof was in the pudding today!
Baby H threw everyone for a loop today...she showed her first signs of stubbornness. While the doctor was trying to get a clear listen to Baby H's heartbeat, our little princess decided it was recess time! She wouldn't hold still and was too excited about something! The doctor did get a "muffled" listen to her heartbeat (but only after putting her hand on the top of my tummy to attempt to hold that little monkey still! And her heartbeat's at 140 bpm, which is great!
That's it for the "update." We go to the doctor again in two weeks...the day after Christmas!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hawaii pics


Baby H...the Third Trimester!

Hi everyone!
We are in our 29th week of pregnancy! Wahoo third trimester! We had a big baby week this week...two doctor's with Dr. Sheppard (the sonogram specialist) and one with Dr. Briskey, our OB.

First off: Sonogram was great...our baby girl had quite a growth spurt since our last sonogram! Her size now is in the 44th percentile, making her completely average! :D But we all know she's much more than that! She's weighing 2 lbs 10 ounces and her amnio fluid is perfecto! Everything looked great, even though she didn't exactly love having her picture taken! haha! She was in the breech position...but we have nearly 3 months to turn that around...and in fact, today, our OB said that she was laying head down. As many somersaults as this child does....I was not surprised! We have pictures to post...but I forgot to scan them, so I'll do that when I get back from my mother/daughter trip next week.

Secondly: Our OB appointment was fine. We got our blood sugar results back and everything is gestational diabetes (hooray)! I don't know how it's possible, but I've lost a pound instead of gaining two (+) in the last two, more, more, more protein (and desserts!)! Our doc gave me the green light for Christmas dinners and holiday pounds! Check the blog in a couple of days for some pics from our Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii and mine and mom's trip to NYC!

Hope you are all doing well and had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
The Hs

Dreams are funny when you’re pregnant....

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SO...I've been having some strange dreams lately. And the one I had lastnight just makes me I thought I'd share it with you all.

So, my parents, my brother, his fiance (Amanda) and I were driving down I35...headed towards downtown Austin. I don't know why J wasn't there. And, naturally, we had to share the road with commercial jets...b/c that's what happens in dreams. So, this plane in front of us speeds up and takes off...but instead of gradually makes a 90 degree upward inclination and goes straight up in the air like a rocket after reaching maximum speed on the ground. Shortly after reaching 10,000 feet or so, it starts doing some animated back looked like it was going to crash. Amanda kept saying "I've never seen a plane take off like that before...that can't be good."

So then, the plane crashes...but it doesn't just crash, it flops over on it's back and "splashes" into some buildings like Shamu...three times before coming to it's final resting place. No one really gets hurt. Or if they do, it wasn't a focal point on my dream. EXCEPT....

We decided that it would be safer to pull over and go into a we go into a Hastings that is (in my dream) at the floor level of a sky scraper. For some reason, people thought that I worked there and they keep trying to make me work, and I refuse. So we leave. Just as we leave, the building collapses.

As soon as we come out, there's this hotel called the Windsor...and it's on fire b/c it got hit by the plane. And who's at the top, but (naturally)....the Spice Girls. Amanda get's ridiculous and starts crying out "oh NO! They're going to die! Anybody but the Spice Girls!" (haha!!) Just like in the scene from Dumbo when the clowns are trying to rescue "the baby (Dumbo)" from the top of whatever was on fire...that's what it was like. But with the Spice Girls. Quite comical.

I think the lived. Or not. Who's to say?

So then we take off down this alley, trying to escape the pandalerium that is going on...and what do you know...we end up in The Labyrinth. The one with David Bowie (yikes). This is where I get a little frightened. So this random chick turns to me and says "hey, it must be really hard for a pregnant person to climb these stairs, huh?" To which I respond: "I'm not pregnant...I had the baby yesterday." Apparantly, the whole point to this is that we were trying to get home to the baby in time for a feeding...(I think that Babywise is getting to my head)...and J's on his way home to be with the baby. BUT...the baby is outside on my parent's back porch and can't get in until Jay gets home. And I'm all mad because mom and dad put the baby outside and think it's totally normal..."Don't worry, J will know what to do. blah blah blah..."

I'm telling dreams have been very strange lately. But I loved this one just because of Amanda's desparation to save the Spice Girls! hehe!

The Baby Bump!


These are pictures of the infamous baby bump! It's debut, if you will!? My dear friends Esmy and Stephen were married on October 6th, and have officially joined the married people club. It was a beautiful wedding with an awesome reception and a glorious send-off. I was one of the bridesmaids, hence the big hair and awesome makeup. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their special day!

Baby H

Those pesky baby pictures that I've been promising for a while....

Here's the first and second sonogram pics...expect a considerable update on the 2nd. :D

Our commercial! :D

Happy Anniversary to us!

WELL...August 25th marked the anniversary of a very special day in our lives. Thanks to those who sent cards and called us to wish us a "happy 1st year!"
We tried to do some special things together...yet, not anything too overwhelming or plan-involved...but I've just been so tired and sick lately, that we both decided to wave the flag of surrender at about 5:00 and head home for take-out and a movie. And I'm so thankful! We did have a fun date the night before and the entire weekend, we made a point to be together--just the two of us (and the pups, of course).
But, one exciting thing...we bought a new car! This is our new "stroller."

We decided to go for the Santa Fe b/c of the "bang for the buck." With this beauty, we get 7 passenger seating, room, and lots of other fun features. Plus, Hyundai just did a lot of re-vamping; bigger engine, nicer interior, etc. Everyone who's been lucky enough to catch a ride has said "wow! it's nice inside!" haha...we were shocked too tho, and they made us such a GREAT deal....we couldn't refuse!
Anywho, that's all that's going on!
We are 16 weeks tomorrow, and closer to finding out the sex of the baby! We can't wait! We'll keep you up-to-date!

We're expanding!

So many cute, kitch things to say about being pregnant! :D Well, we are! On the morning of June 13th, J and I awoke to a not-so-surprising-surprise! After being confirmed by our specialist, that afternoon, we celebrated the fact that "we" were now a "three."
It's the coolest, hardest, scariest, weirdest, most fun, life-changing-est, greatest, most amazing thing we've ever been a part of and are SO excited to get to experience it first-hand, together!
Our official (or unofficial, if you've heard the stories) due date is Valentines day 2008!
We'd been trying or "not-not trying" for a Baby H since October of last year, and with no luck, decided to seek the help of professionals. Dr. S at the Texas Fertility Center helped make our dream a miracle and a reality!
So as of today, we are 14 weeks and 4 days idea what we are having yet, but J is hoping for a girl. I'm trying not to assume anything, and so far that has helped in keeping me pretty chipper! I assumed that I would get morning sickness....and I have (on many many many occasions). I assumed that I would feel tired...and I do! I assumed that I would be a little grouchy...and maybe that's happened...a little. I assumed that it would completely change my outlook on life, and MY-oh-MY, has it ever!
No weird cravings as of yet...just sour, sour, sour! Pickles, sour patch kids, lemons, anything and everything sour! No chocolate really...tho if it is right in front of me, I'm probably not going to turn it away. haha! I have many more food aversions than I do cravings...and I long for the day when food tastes good or sounds good or even smells good! Everyone has really made an extra effort to provide me with choices and food that I can eat (and I really appreciate it).
J has been the best partner and husband throughout this entire thing! Offering encouraging words when I thought it was hopeless, celebrating in just the right way when we found out, crying with me, laughing at me when I have mood swings (which is what I need), calming me, helping me (I am forbidden to carry anything!), holding my hair and standing by with toothbrush ready, cooking and cleaning (yeah, to my ever-increasing high standards!), and loving me more and more each day! I'm truly the luckiest person in the world!
So that's it for now....more soon! I'll try to be better!

That announcement we've all been waiting for....

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Yep! You guessed it! We are multiplying! We couldn't be more blessed/thrilled/excited/ready to meet this little one! Baby H 1 is due in February...we'll keep ya up-to-date....well, as up-to-date as you can on a blog w/o being too gushy or weird. ;)

If you want the lovely details or pics you have to ask for them!


Summer Vacation--in style!


We just got back from our first cruise together...and it was cruise-tastic! We had an excellent time, and I think that we even relaxed a little! HA! What craziness...Here is a picture from the first formal night on the cruise...

I also had a birthday on June 5th, in Cozumel, our first port of the trip. We cruised on to Roatan, Honduras and tried to port at Costa Maya...but the weather was bad, so we went back to Cozumel for a second day. Then our last port was in Progresso...we had an amazing time, and we will certainly never forget it!

A picture from my Birthday fiesta!

On the job-front, J's company, was officially bought out for an undisclosed amount by Demand Media. J's been super busy and super stressed, but is glad to join the new team at Demand!

I'm still working two Keller Williams and JJH, things are going great at both..lots of growing and learning going on there.

Here's a picture of Maebe trying to sleep with her head up!

Here's a close-up of Champion!

Champ and Maebe stayed at Dogboys Dogranch while we were on vacation, and had an awesome time! They went swimming and hiking 2x a day! Needless to say, they've been on good behavior since we got back!

That's all for now, folks!

Champ-Champ, the Man!

Meet Champion (a.k.a. "Champ the man," "Champ-Champ," or just plain ol' "Champ")!! He's the latest addition to our household! We are officially living at the new address and are excited to have adopted another wonderful pet. He's a 2 yr. old Golden Retriever who has the sweetest tempermant and the patience of Job. He is Maebe's new best friend and (even tho he could swallow her entire head in one gulp) she loves to play tug of war with him, go on walks with him, and snuggle with him when she's tired.
We are so thankful to the Nealand family who contacted us about adopting this big boy. This picture is from his puppy days (9 months old)...more pictures to come!

We closed on the house!!! 2/2

We went to "look" at houses, and found one that was PERFECT! We signed a purchase agreement and are proud to say that we were approved for financing! It is really a gruling process....but when it's all said and really feels great! The mortgage company does an extensive and VERY thorough background check and when they give you that stamp of can be very satisfying! We closed on the last day of February, and begin moving in the first week of March! We can't believe how quickly this all happened, but we are SO ready and excited! Come and see us in Pflugerville!

Story of a dog.

I'm bored, and there's 8 minutes until grey's's a story about my puppy.

From haircut

I love my puppy...

even when she bites me.

Sometimes i control her with my magical powers....

and then she's a good dog...

and she takes pretty pictures.
The End.

We have a puppy!

This is Maebe "Barks a lot" H! We adopted her last weekend from the Round Rock Animal Shelter. She is part Golden Retriever and part Border Collie (we think). SHe loves to play fetch and is doing very well with her potty training and crate training! We have really enjoyed her thus far! She has recently discovered her bark, and it's no puppy bark! We are trying to get her used to other humans, so come by and see her anytime!

Another year....

Everyone looks at the New Year as a new start; all shiny and new. Some people look back at the year gone by and think "good riddance!" I can't help but feel a little sad...2006 was amazing for me. It was a year of love, a year of friends, a year of family. So much happened in this year, that I can honestly say it was the best year of my life. I started to do one of those "best and worst of 2006" or "Top 5 Moments" in this blog, but couldn't complete either one. There were more than 5 top moments in 2006 for me. There weren't enough bad moments to even fill up one space of my "worst" moments.
Just to mention a few high points:
In this year I've discovered new friendships, rediscovered old ones, solidified my love, validated the feelings of my heart, traveled to far off places, traveled to friends places, played in the snow, got totally lost, found my home, had a first Christmas, gained new family members, played Santa, held babies, recieved the best hugs, made memories, taken pictures, thrown parties, celebrated bdays, cried tears of happiness, and have wished on a few dozen falling stars.
With the new, I know that it will get better and better...but I'm not sure how.

To the man who has my whole heart: thank you for all the love, support, comfort, and FUN that you have brought to my life and the smiles you've put on my face.
To the friends who I can't believe I didn't have before 2006: thanks for being so freakin' cool.
To the friends I've rediscovered: thanks for finding me again! Let's keep in touch!
To my family: you are the reason I do what I do, and I am what I am...thanks for everything.
And to those I've lost: I understand.