Dreams are funny when you’re pregnant....

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SO...I've been having some strange dreams lately. And the one I had lastnight just makes me laugh....so I thought I'd share it with you all.

So, my parents, my brother, his fiance (Amanda) and I were driving down I35...headed towards downtown Austin. I don't know why J wasn't there. And, naturally, we had to share the road with commercial jets...b/c that's what happens in dreams. So, this plane in front of us speeds up and takes off...but instead of gradually climbing...it makes a 90 degree upward inclination and goes straight up in the air like a rocket after reaching maximum speed on the ground. Shortly after reaching 10,000 feet or so, it starts doing some animated back flips...it looked like it was going to crash. Amanda kept saying "I've never seen a plane take off like that before...that can't be good."

So then, the plane crashes...but it doesn't just crash, it flops over on it's back and "splashes" into some buildings like Shamu...three times before coming to it's final resting place. No one really gets hurt. Or if they do, it wasn't a focal point on my dream. EXCEPT....

We decided that it would be safer to pull over and go into a store...so we go into a Hastings that is (in my dream) at the floor level of a sky scraper. For some reason, people thought that I worked there and they keep trying to make me work, and I refuse. So we leave. Just as we leave, the building collapses.

As soon as we come out, there's this hotel called the Windsor...and it's on fire b/c it got hit by the plane. And who's at the top, but (naturally)....the Spice Girls. Amanda get's ridiculous and starts crying out "oh NO! They're going to die! Anybody but the Spice Girls!" (haha!!) Just like in the scene from Dumbo when the clowns are trying to rescue "the baby (Dumbo)" from the top of whatever was on fire...that's what it was like. But with the Spice Girls. Quite comical.

I think the lived. Or not. Who's to say?

So then we take off down this alley, trying to escape the pandalerium that is going on...and what do you know...we end up in The Labyrinth. The one with David Bowie (yikes). This is where I get a little frightened. So this random chick turns to me and says "hey, it must be really hard for a pregnant person to climb these stairs, huh?" To which I respond: "I'm not pregnant...I had the baby yesterday." Apparantly, the whole point to this is that we were trying to get home to the baby in time for a feeding...(I think that Babywise is getting to my head)...and J's on his way home to be with the baby. BUT...the baby is outside on my parent's back porch and can't get in until Jay gets home. And I'm all mad because mom and dad put the baby outside and think it's totally normal..."Don't worry, J will know what to do. blah blah blah..."

I'm telling you...my dreams have been very strange lately. But I loved this one just because of Amanda's desparation to save the Spice Girls! hehe!

The Baby Bump!


These are pictures of the infamous baby bump! It's debut, if you will!? My dear friends Esmy and Stephen were married on October 6th, and have officially joined the married people club. It was a beautiful wedding with an awesome reception and a glorious send-off. I was one of the bridesmaids, hence the big hair and awesome makeup. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their special day!

Baby H