Last night was awful...

BUT with good reward! Ms. Scout has officially cut her first tooth! I tried to take a picture, but luck. Just know that there are pics of toothies in the works....

Have a Happy Halloween!

Ranch pics and video

Ranch 2008

Here's some video of Hailee running horses for the first time.

and Hailee riding Shorty

Playing with Papa

Here's a cute vid of Scout playing with her Papa. We visited The Ranch in my hometown this past weekend. It was a great time! I'll post the link to more pics when I get them uploaded.

Baby's got a brand new pad....

You can visit Scout now at 12345 Living Room Blvd.! She's all grown up and has her own garden.

Copperhead Road....Scout style.

Here's our prodigy baby...playing Copperhead Road on the stacking cups and dancing to boot! :D Pretty much the funniest thing ever.