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Just cuddled my babe to sleep. Now, time for some Pilot House Town Lake Blend and some coursework. Did I mention I'm back in school? CDA...that's Child Development Associate's certification. Yay! It's pretty interesting stuff and at this point, fairly easy. It's nice to be able to have the experience of working with children under my belt before jumping into the "why's, who's, what's and when's." It's back-asswards, but it works for me.

Tomorrow is Jay/Ashley Celebration 2010. We are going out on the town to hang with all the hipsters and see some nice Canadian music. Which reminds me, I need to go shopping. AND on that note, here's a little preview of our night....

Followed by some booty shakin' to:

All my love to you.

Four years ago, today, I married my best friend. He was the man of my dreams and the love of my life. Today he's the father of my child and the apple of my eye. I love him more than peanut butter and you KNOW that means a lot.

Happy FOURTH anniversary, JBarton. True love like yours only comes once in a lifetime. I consider myself lucky to even know you. It's earth-shattering craziness that you fell in love with me, and don't think I take that for granted for a second.

Thanks for providing for our family, working hard at home and at the office. Thank you for being the light in my darkness. Thank you for your sweet, kind heart. I'll always keep it in a safe place. All my love to you.

You got me,

2 bloggy blog posts in one week....you know what that means....

I've got too much time on my hands....or something.

But seriously. Have you seen how stinkin' adorable my baby girl is?

things i've loved lately...

nice smells (http://www.lightsoutcandles.com/sc_sant.html)
the sound of the wind chimes outside my bedroom window
the creaks of the floor
cooking dinner with the family
summer winding down