T-minus 7 days!

Well...we've almost made it! Our due date is pending and I don't think we could be more anxious! It's pretty ridiculous. We've been having some sleepless nights, contractions (both painful and non), and are officially dilated 2.5 cm (Too much info?)! It is amazing to feel such a calmness and easiness about everything. Everyone keeps asking "are you scared? are you nervous?" and I'm really not. I think it's because I know that we have a FABULOUS, TREMENDOUS, AWESOME support system. Starting with J, I know he is going to be the greatest labor partner and parent EVER. Then, of course, our amazing family and friends...some of whom might beat us to the hospital! haha. We are so glad that this pregnancy is coming to an end and that our new family is about to get its start...and feel so blessed that everyone around us is just as excited as we are! We love you all, and can't wait to introduce our littel one to you guys!