19 wk check-in

Hey there! Long time, no post! I know, I know. I've been a little busy...ya know, growing a human. :D My days lately have consisted of resting, eating, resting and eating some more. Throw in the park visits on Monday and Fridays, school drop-off and pick up on T-W-Thr, celebrating Scout's 4th birthday (post on that coming soon), Disneyland with family, Valentine's day and you'll understand why I'm sleepy and hungry all the time. I've finally got my appetite back, but still have the occasional day of nausea. I've run out of Zofran and am trying not to fill my prescription again.

The baby is growing, I believe the "cute fruit" comparison is mango this week. So silly. I've been feeling a LOT more movement in the last couple of days. I think she is going to be a wiggly little thing, like her sister. Scout is getting so excited about having a new baby in the house. This morning, as Jay was leaving for work, we had an impromptu family hug, and Scout said "I love you two." Then she moved around to the front of me, squeezed my belly and said "I love the baby!" Such a sweet thing!

We have the middle name picked out for our little girl. Truth is, we've had this name picked out since we were pregnant with Scout and are thrilled we get to use it! We are going to do the same thing we did with Scout and call this one by her middle name, and give her a more traditional/formal first name.

Other than that? Not much happening here.

It's a....

Week 16/17

SO, I'm currently in my 16th week....today marks 15 weeks 4 days. Whoop! I'm definitely showing more and more these days. I've been experiencing some of those pregnancy symptoms you forget about like nasal congestion and extreme dry sinuses, sternum pain, and oh, those ligament pains. I'm still struggling with nausea at least once a day...but the occasional zofran is still helping with that (though I'm trying not to take it). I've been working on gaining some weight and felt like I was on track until Sunday when Scout got a stomach bug. Something about being up all night with a sick kid that makes you not want to eat very much.

Here's a pic of my beautiful baby belly at 16w4d. About that gaining weight thing...yep, right on track. :D


Lately, Scout has been informing us about her definition of "family." She says things like "I'm a great big sister" already. I've found this is a great way to get her to help out with chores around the house. I'll say, "Hey, your job as a big sister is to pick up your toys and take them to your room." Done! 

Other views have been a little less helpful. She has been experimenting with "talking back." I'll say "You need to listen to me" and the little bird will chirp back "YOU need to listen to ME." One afternoon (after quite a bit of this), I sat her down and said "You are not to speak to mommy or daddy that way. You are the child, I am the mom. I make the rules. (CRINGE!)" She got real sad for a minute and cried out "BUT WE ARE A FAMILY!" What a great moment that was. 

Another night, we were getting ready for bed. Usually, I am the one who tucks her in and stays with her until she falls asleep. I've been trying to tell her how things might change when the baby is here. I might have to feed the baby or comfort the baby when he/she is crying at night and daddy might have to put her to bed. Most of the time when I've mentioned this, she says "yeah, when the baby comes," as in, "not right now, mom." This night, however, she climbs in my lap and says "but what about our time together, and I won't get to hold you and be your family?" I think Jay and I both got a little misty-eyed at that one. 

It's amazing how our family dynamic is going to change in a few months. We are all feeling the same, but dealing with it in our own ways, I think. We are excited, and scared, and worried and thrilled with the expectations of a family of four.