Happy Anniversary to us!

WELL...August 25th marked the anniversary of a very special day in our lives. Thanks to those who sent cards and called us to wish us a "happy 1st year!"
We tried to do some special things together...yet, not anything too overwhelming or plan-involved...but I've just been so tired and sick lately, that we both decided to wave the flag of surrender at about 5:00 and head home for take-out and a movie. And I'm so thankful! We did have a fun date the night before and the entire weekend, we made a point to be together--just the two of us (and the pups, of course).
But, one exciting thing...we bought a new car! This is our new "stroller."

We decided to go for the Santa Fe b/c of the "bang for the buck." With this beauty, we get 7 passenger seating, room, and lots of other fun features. Plus, Hyundai just did a lot of re-vamping; bigger engine, nicer interior, etc. Everyone who's been lucky enough to catch a ride has said "wow! it's nice inside!" haha...we were shocked too tho, and they made us such a GREAT deal....we couldn't refuse!
Anywho, that's all that's going on!
We are 16 weeks tomorrow, and closer to finding out the sex of the baby! We can't wait! We'll keep you up-to-date!

We're expanding!

So many cute, kitch things to say about being pregnant! :D Well, we are! On the morning of June 13th, J and I awoke to a not-so-surprising-surprise! After being confirmed by our specialist, that afternoon, we celebrated the fact that "we" were now a "three."
It's the coolest, hardest, scariest, weirdest, most fun, life-changing-est, greatest, most amazing thing we've ever been a part of and are SO excited to get to experience it first-hand, together!
Our official (or unofficial, if you've heard the stories) due date is Valentines day 2008!
We'd been trying or "not-not trying" for a Baby H since October of last year, and with no luck, decided to seek the help of professionals. Dr. S at the Texas Fertility Center helped make our dream a miracle and a reality!
So as of today, we are 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant...no idea what we are having yet, but J is hoping for a girl. I'm trying not to assume anything, and so far that has helped in keeping me pretty chipper! I assumed that I would get morning sickness....and I have (on many many many occasions). I assumed that I would feel tired...and I do! I assumed that I would be a little grouchy...and maybe that's happened...a little. I assumed that it would completely change my outlook on life, and MY-oh-MY, has it ever!
No weird cravings as of yet...just sour, sour, sour! Pickles, sour patch kids, lemons, anything and everything sour! No chocolate really...tho if it is right in front of me, I'm probably not going to turn it away. haha! I have many more food aversions than I do cravings...and I long for the day when food tastes good or sounds good or even smells good! Everyone has really made an extra effort to provide me with choices and food that I can eat (and I really appreciate it).
J has been the best partner and husband throughout this entire thing! Offering encouraging words when I thought it was hopeless, celebrating in just the right way when we found out, crying with me, laughing at me when I have mood swings (which is what I need), calming me, helping me (I am forbidden to carry anything!), holding my hair and standing by with toothbrush ready, cooking and cleaning (yeah, to my ever-increasing high standards!), and loving me more and more each day! I'm truly the luckiest person in the world!
So that's it for now....more soon! I'll try to be better!