Happy Anniversary to us!

WELL...August 25th marked the anniversary of a very special day in our lives. Thanks to those who sent cards and called us to wish us a "happy 1st year!"
We tried to do some special things together...yet, not anything too overwhelming or plan-involved...but I've just been so tired and sick lately, that we both decided to wave the flag of surrender at about 5:00 and head home for take-out and a movie. And I'm so thankful! We did have a fun date the night before and the entire weekend, we made a point to be together--just the two of us (and the pups, of course).
But, one exciting thing...we bought a new car! This is our new "stroller."

We decided to go for the Santa Fe b/c of the "bang for the buck." With this beauty, we get 7 passenger seating, room, and lots of other fun features. Plus, Hyundai just did a lot of re-vamping; bigger engine, nicer interior, etc. Everyone who's been lucky enough to catch a ride has said "wow! it's nice inside!" haha...we were shocked too tho, and they made us such a GREAT deal....we couldn't refuse!
Anywho, that's all that's going on!
We are 16 weeks tomorrow, and closer to finding out the sex of the baby! We can't wait! We'll keep you up-to-date!