June 2013

June is the anniversary of my birth. I know, your favorite month. :D 

I hit the big 31 this year. I was lucky enough to celebrate with my birthday buddy, Luke (who turned one). My cake maybe looked a little bit like a torch compared to his, but hey...I'm lucky enough to see another year and another candle on that cake, so I can't complain! Thanks to Agata and Casey for the cake and dinner! 

June = birthdays, hammock time, park trips, beach trips and Disney days.

Scout had her last day of school at Chalk. It was very bittersweet. The teachers thought we had another week left, and when I told them that we were leaving this week, they burst into tears. Their hearts were broken, but I know we'll see them again when Sloane starts school after her 2nd birthday. We also had our friend Cashel over for a playdate and the kiddos set up an adorable lemonade stand in front of the house. They made some serious cash! I think the cute factor came into play...they were pretty hard to refuse. 

We saw the Super Moon this month! 

We had a beach playdate with our neighbors from Academy Dr. in Austin. I miss them so much. They honestly, were the best neighbors and I'm so glad they have become dear friends. Greg and Laura used to live in Venice/Huntington Beach when they first met, so bringing their kids here was something special for them. 

Then, the next day, the girls and I headed home to ATx to visit family and attend Jay's cousin's wedding on the 4th of July. After arriving and spending a day or so with family, I took a girl's trip to Houston with Esmy and Laura for our (almost) annual NKOTB concert. We shacked up with Tessa and Jeff and enjoyed a night of silliness to the tune of NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boys to Men.