fun bits of pregnancy

We always hear about the hardships of pregnancy. What about the fun bits? 
*nightly ice cream, no excuse needed.
*perfectly okay to send sig-oth to store for cheetos. even if he/she is in the middle of making dinner. or if it's 11:00 at night. 
*usually can cut in any line. bathroom? check. grocery store? check. DMV? maybe?
*accidentally fall asleep while making a grocery list? No worries. Take that nap! 
*instant table or big belly? all depends on the use. 
*guilting strangers into putting out that ciggy in your general vicinity. especially if you're eating. 
*get to hog ALL the pillows. always. 
*and the bed too. 
*need help carrying things? no problem. thank you, random stranger! 
*a valid excuse to hire movers, painters, cleaners. 

Oh my word.

It's been what?? A month? Two? Since I've posted. I don't know. I've lost all track of time. The days are flying by and then they are weeks and then months. I've wanted to write, but have been too busy? Too tired? Too baby-brained? Oh man, all the above. I'm feeling spritely today, so here I am...babbling away. 

So much is going on. In February, of course...our sweet girl turned 4. I still can't believe it. That's why this current explosion of interest in spelling and writing words has knocked me on my rear. I look at her and think "she shouldn't be asking me how to spell 'box,' she's a baby!" But then, no...she's not. I think when H2.0 gets here, we are going to really see the contrast of ages. For her birthday, we had a wonderful long weekend with family. Dylan and Sue (Memaw) came in for a visit. We took a trip to Disneyland (of course) and outfitted our princess to the max. Had a fancy dinner complete with princess cake. 

What else is going on in our world? Oh! We're moving! Not a BIG move, just a few miles over to Mar Vista. We are really excited about it. We started house-hunting a couple of months ago and were lucky enough to preview and enter into negotiations with a great house. And boy, did we negotiate. It all worked out in the end, and our move-in date is this week. As you can imagine, we've been organizing and packing...since this past weekend. ;) It's a great 3/1.5 in Mar Vista. There's a great little back yard and a huge garage for parking. It's in a sweet neighborhood and there are great views from the street. If you look to the West, you can see the ocean....and if you look to the East (on a clear day) you can see the Hollywood sign and downtown Los Angeles. Another important factor is that it's also in a really great school district for elementary/kindergarten. Pretty neat. Another thing I'm excited about? Decorating the nursery. Yep. It's getting to be that time! 

I'm officially 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This little bean is growing, growing and moving, moving. Scout and Jay can now feel her movements. Scout is SO excited and ready for her little sister to get here. She tells everyone about her impending arrival. We shared the name with Scout....and she was a little disappointed. She said she wanted "a character name." And wouldn't you know it, she had Ariel in mind. In fact, she thought we should name baby sister "Ariel Positive." We had a good chuckle about it...but decided that "Ariel Positive" wasn't the best fit for this one. Maybe next time? ;) So no, we aren't naming the baby Ariel. Or Ariel Positive. Or  Positive Ariel. Though, I've been hearing that "it's actually kinda awesome....especially for a Los Angeleno name." 

I'm going to start giving updates with Nursery decor....and of course more pregnancy updates. Be on the look out for that!