Things I've done while babywearing

I'm a fan. I like almost all of the ones I've tried. My go-to, the Ergo has lasted me through two children...but to be honest, I've even used it for piggy-backing my (then) 4 year old around. So, all three have been in it. Here's a list of the things I've done while wearing my baby (or child): 

  • Grocery shopped
  • Washed dishes
  • Cooked breakfast
  • Cooked lunch
  • Cooked dinner
  • Cooked anything
  • Loaded/unloaded the dishwasher
  • Picked up legos off of the floor
  • Used a public restroom (ew)
  • Spent the day at Disneyland
  • Breastfed while walking...through Disneyland
  • Built Santa's workshop out of Legos 
  • Built many things out of legos
  • Carried a screaming toddler out of a birthday party 
  • Unloaded the car full of children/groceries/shopping bags
  • Worn #2 while pregnant with #3 up and down the neighborhood's "death hill" to take #1 to school
  • Successfully transferred from carrier to crib a delightful sleeping babe
  • Put up the Christmas tree
  • Decorated the Christmas tree

...pretty much, all of it. All the things. Including...writing this post. While wearing a baby. 

Things my toddler says...that make me laugh.

And maybe also make me a terrible person? 

"chicks" = chips

"Fish dicks" = Fish sticks

"pee cool" = preschool

"cock corn" = Popcorn

"painkting" = painting

"anal" = oatmeal 


So, a LOT has happened since I last updated. I'm going to attempt to go back and catalog everything month-by-month to play catch-up. Because THIS is ridiculous. I have this space to document our daily lives and I've missed doing that. I've gotten lazy and complacent due to the ease of limited-character blurbs and social media and Insta-pics. No. More. 

Giving a quick update: 

Posy Jane has made her appearance. That's right, we had another baby. Because love is beautiful and families are wonderful and if you're lucky enough, a beautiful love will result in a bigger and more beautiful family. She's four weeks old today, and a precious addition to our lives. 

Easter 2014

Posy Jane, one week old