4 years

(Scout turned four on 2-20-12) You're four. I can't believe it. I know I say that every year, but it's true. I just can't believe that you are four years old. And that I am the mother of someone who is four years old. And that that four year old is you. You are so funny, and so caring, and so energetic and talkative and SMART. I won't deny that every parent thinks their children are smart, but you really are. It seems that everything is easy for you. You love to tell us about the things you are learning at school. You practice writing and spelling words, identifying letters and numbers, counting in Spanish, and singing songs about the days of the week. 
You can't wait to share things and teach things to your little sister. I am so excited that you are going to be a big sister. It is a role that I know you will take on with 100% dedication and love. You are so great in this family already, I can only imagine how well you are going to fill the role of big sister. I couldn't see it any other way. 
Your favorite things include: bike riding, playing Mario Party, reading books, Disneyland, drawing/painting, snacks, the park, helping out with indoor chores (who knew!?), and of course, dress-up. You have experienced some new things this year, and in true "Scout fashion," you've grown excited about each of them. We moved across the country this year. While that might seem like a hard transition for anyone to make, you handled it pretty well. You do still ask for your "green house" and "white car" sometimes, but overall, you really love living in California. Of course, you always miss your cousins and grandparents, but luckily everyone has visited and we've been able to spend quite a bit of time visiting Texas as well. 
You took your first trip to the beach this year. Since then, we've gone quite frequently. You LOVE the ocean. You love collecting rocks, shells, sea glass and sand. You've build about 13242934 sand castles. Your favorite thing to do after building them, is to smash them with your "bobom." You think it is hilarious and we all have a good laugh when you do this. I couldn't believe how sunbleached your hair was after this summer. I can't wait to take you and your little sister to the beach together.
Since moving, you've started a new school. It's amazing. I was so worried that you would have issues with detachment since we kept you home for almost nine months. However, you have TOTALLY proved us wrong. Not only do you have no problem saying goodbye in the mornings you are at school...you wake up on school days and ask us "is today a school day? YES!!!!!" You have enjoyed your teachers, Ms. Joanna and Ms. Dominique. You are currently transitioning to the next room up (the last room in the preschool) and you love those teachers as well. I can't believe how big you are getting.
I love you so, so, so, SO much, sweet Scout. You make my world brighter, my days happier and my heart bigger. Thank you for being such an awesome kid.