Christmas through the eyes of a 2 yr. old....

21 Dec 05 Wednesday
Current mood: busy

We took my favorite neice to the Zilker to see the Christmas lights lastnight. Through the crowds of people, you could hear wondrous discriptions of colorful lights and scenes from the tiniest narrators. "Dad! That's Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin sitting on the book!"

Kendall took in the sites and sounds at each stop and yelled "Whoa! Whoa!" at every new exciting scene. She counted the 12 days of Christmas, pointed out each Santa Claus within 100 feet, told us all of the different colors in the millions of different strands of lights, and wanted to hug every puppy, pig, camel and horsey that she saw. She waved to Santa and blew him kisses. She bounced from my arms, to daddies, to marmi's to Jay's and didn't miss a beat. She danced to the music and gazed at the stars. She wanted to run through "candyland" and hold hands with the ice cream cone.

It's amazing how a few lights and some Disney characters in the park are turned into the Christmas Playland in the mind of a two year old. Can you imagine how small she felt underneath the "moon-tower Chritmas Tree?" She couldn't stop to take a picture, couldn't be bothered with writing a letter to Santa. We had to bribe her with the opportunity to *see* Santa to get her to eat her dinner. It's impossible to be a grinch around a 2 year old at Christmas! I've proved it!

And if that's not enough for you....on stage (where the city's different choirs sing and the different dance companies give previews of their Christmas recitals), there's an Austin-worthy extravaganza....a male belly dancer.
Ok...i'll give it to the takes a lot to pull off crushed velvet, an off-the-shoulder velvet crop-top, makeup, crimped hair AND a beard. But when you can do the "tummy wave" and play castinets, that's talent!! Oh aren't you jealous?! Yes, Mr. Male Bellydancer Man....we are.....