Schedules and Star Charts

Any other stay-at-home moms have their kiddos on a schedule? I'm trying to get in some activities every week and have formulated a schedule that was similar to what she did at school. It's not as rigid as it sounds; I think it is honestly more for me than for her. I want to teach her things and the only way to do that is to hold myself accountable with a list.

We've also introduced the idea of a star chart. This is how she was potty trained at school. I don't think she entirely understood it (she was 2 at the time). But we are trying it again with "good behavior," she gets a star. That is, any time we set a task for her, if she accomplishes it without a fit or general bad behavior, she gets a star. We've been having a few of those lately. And by a few, I mean, every time we ask her to rest or get ready for bed, it's an hour of all-out-war. I'm trying to teach her the importance of setting goals with this too. If she gets enough stars, we get to go to Legoland (which she loved).

I'm getting back into the swing of things here!

favorite things

The new condo we are living in has some pretty awesome "old hollywood" details. Built in the 1940's, this building is as sturdy as it comes. Gorgeous refinished hardwood floors, updated fixtures and granite countertops are just a few of the reasons we fell in love with this place. There are some other little details that add some charm to the place. Here they are:

Tiny drawers in the kitchen. Useful for tools, coozies, and parchment paper.

Cool crank-to-open windows and rose bushes all around the front and side of our condo. lovely.

Swanky new sink.

Here's our peep hole. Very cool.

Old school mailboxes. So cool. Also, tiny.

The front courtyard. We're all the way at the back, which is great. Lots of room to play, no street noise, and beautiful landscaping.


Scout woke up this morning and started her usual "entertain me" antics. We sleepily told her to go draw in her room while we woke up, gathered our thoughts and our coffee, and tackled the seemingly-never-ending task of organizing and putting together our new furniture. She comes in the kitchen and without a word hangs up a masterpiece on the fridge. Jay sees this and asks her what her picture is.

It's a big, scary monster and a rain cloud. Then, picture Jay's jaw dropping to the floor. It is that, exactly.

Exhibit A:

So, being the inquisitive parents we are. We said "hey, scout, can you draw a funny monster?" So, off she runs to her room as we discuss her incredible, overnight ability to draw things with legs and faces and arms, instead of just scribbles and swirls and blobs. How do they just know? Where did this ability come from?
Then, to our amazement, she emerges with this:

Exhibit B:

I've never been this proud in my life. I'm framing her subsequent series of monsters for our living room. Seriousness.


(If this is too much info for you....color me "shocked that anyone still reads this blog")

A few random thoughts about infertility:

*buying (wasting money) on pregnancy tests makes me crazy. The amount of money spent in the last two years equals somewhere around $300. Probably upwards of that. And I'll never shake the feeling that I really want a fruit roll-up after opening the eerily similar packaging.

*initial consultations (not covered by insurance) start at $300. or $100 for 10 minutes up to $550 for an hour plus the cost of all of your ultrasounds ($300 per). And you don't even get free cookies or a commemorative dish or logo-water bottle. Then, let's talk about the costs of IVF, IUI, and other fertility treatments....oy!

*It all sucks, but we do it anyway. The end result is so totally worth it.

Ms. Maebe

If you've ever wanted a dog that could retrieve a ball or frisbee or shoe for 2 hours straight, let me introduce you to Maebe.

We adopted this sweet girl when she was a pup....her birthday is estimated to be Halloween of 2006. She is the kind of dog that can't get enough love from you, but once given the correct guidance and signals, she will find her spot and give you the perfected "puppy eyes" until you give her the "okay" for more scratches behind the ear. She loves hiking and the great outdoors. She is great around kids (lets them climb on her, poke at her with little annoyance), and other dogs. She usually tends to be the least dominant in the room (which is to say: she's a little nervous and shy, but not to a fault). She can be taken off the leash, but does need to be acquainted with her surroundings and owner for a good while before attempting this. She's a retriever at heart and fits the mold pretty much to a "T."
Shots are up to date, but she will require a teeth cleaning from your vet. Loves swimming and bath time as well as grooming. All of her dog gear will go with her wherever she goes. She has a crate, but does not get crated unless absolutely necessary. That is to say, she prefers to be able to lounge and move around during the day. She is good about not chewing on things, but does like to sneak in a couch-nap during the day, if allowed. Leash trained and house-trained, as well as basic obedience training (sit, shake, load-up, down).

We aren't able to bring her to California per our lease agreement and arrangements we've made have fallen through. Please, if you or someone you know is looking to adopt an excellent canine partner in crime, let us know. She needs a very loving home.

*UPDATE* Maebe has found a new home where she's getting LOTS of love, long walks and countless ear scratches. :D She's happy as can be!
also, she's into art.