The things we wish for.

"Be careful what you wish for!" I remember hearing that phrase throughout my childhood with various intent. It was used as a parental threat after empty teenage angst-y threats. It was used as a warning for the potential of getting adverse results of a wish truly realized.

Even as an adult, we think to ourselves, "I wish..." But, we should be careful what we wish for.

I can't tell you the number of nights I wished Scout could soothe herself to sleep without my having to be right next to her. Never to the extent of that now infamous "parenting book" that shall not be named here...but I always thought it must be nice that Jay got that hour or so of solidarity every night while Scout and I battled it out before peaceful sleep.

Now that we are at that point in her development, I am mourning those nights when we would lie down and talk about our favorite part of the day; when we would snuggle until one or both of us drifted off to sleep. I hug her even more during the day than I used to. I ask her to snuggle with me on the couch in the afternoons and in the morning when she wakes up, she crawls into our bed and cuddles silently for a few minutes.

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it...

Time apart

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm not sure about that, but I know that the absence of my friends and family seems to bring a sort of longing in my heart that can be tangible pain at times. The hardest part of this new endeavor thus far has been the missing of family and friends.

This weekend, I was able to reverse the day-to-day and spend time with my besties and away from my husband and daughter. The excitement of spending two whole days with my friends with undivided attention plus TexMex seemed almost too much to bear. Then, just two days before I was set to return to the land of scorching heat and humidity, the parental guilt kicked in. I felt horrible for leaving J&S and knew I would be missing them the entire time I was gone.

That didn't stop me from having an excellent time.

But it did make for some really conflicting moments of internal dialogue standing in security checkpoints. I almost felt sorry for the guard in Houston who asked me how my day was. I almost came apart standing in front of him--not what he asked for that day when he clocked in, I'm sure. I cried from the minute we arrived at the airport until almost two hours into my flight. I couldn't help it. I missed my friends, and wanted to smuggle them onboard with me.

I love our life here in Cali. I love this incredible opportunity we've been given, but if I could have my friends here, it would be perfect. I'm looking forward to making new connections here with new friends and old.

On another note, while I was gone....someone started going to bed by herself, using the word "Ye-ah" (think flava-flave) and somehow, her hair got curlier. How much fun did they have while Mom was out of the house?! Pirate baths, playdates, new parks explored and bagel Sunday! Luckies!

Things I'm missing:

1. Friends/Family (duh)
2. Queso (specifically, Magmud and Cowboy Queso)
3. Hopdoddy burgers (followed by...)
4. Amy's Ice Cream/Hey Cupcake!
5. Barton Springs on HOT summer days
6. Random nights on SoCo with my besty
7. Chuys

That's all for now.

p.s.: SERIOUSLY. I could cry. right now.

Fashion Files

Scout has developed an ecclectic fashion sense in the last couple of months. Dressing up used to be her favorite past-time. Now, literally dressing herself, is one of her favorite activities in our day. She loves accessories...hats, necklaces, scarfs, and shoes...this girl loves them all. Here are some recent pictures, in various formats.

In honor of one missed...

We are actively fundraising for Relay for Life this year.

The team name is Accolades for Brad.

If you would like to donate follow this link.

Happy Father's Day....

To all the daddies out there. And especially to the one of this girl:

Without whom, I don't know what I'd do.

Hi! Happy Friday!

Anyone else dying to know what Natalie Portman named her baby boy? Just me? Ok...

Yeah,'s none of our business. I can imagine being in the I'd want to protect my newborn child as much as I could from the world of paparazzi, red carpets and gossip mags.

On another did my house get to be such a mess this week without me even noticing? Oh yeah....her!

Not so wordless wednesday...

So excited. I purchased a ticket yesterday to fly to Houston to see some friends and to also see this:

Checking things off the list...