Mini-Vacay with my love.

Olympic Peninsula, WA - Canon T2i from Jay Holzer on Vimeo.

BIG news.

If you haven't heard through various social media outlets yet....we are moving! Jay and his company have been "in talks" about a move to the Los Angeles area for about four months now, and we've made it official! We month! Ah! April 15th, you'll find us living it up (or pulling our hair out, trying to find a permanent place to reside) in sunny SoCal! More specifically, we're headed to Santa Monica.

How are we doing? Oh, we are losing our minds with excitement. But at the same time, it all seems bittersweet and surreal. We've always talked about a move and said "no, we could never leave Austin. We love it so much." But at the same time, we've always been open to the idea should the situation present itself. We will miss our friends and family most of all. And how.

So, in the next few weeks I'm going to be interviewing moving companies, resigning from my job, packing a month's worth of belongings for three into my Santa Fe and driving West.

It's amazing. It's ridiculous. It's scary. It's exciting.

It's happening.