We have a house!!!!

YAY!!! We found a house and fell for it. applied for it. waited for it for a week. and now....we have it!! We found out today that we can move in as soon as next week! Yippee! We are so excited! It's in the cutest "white picket" neighborhood! It's a two story 3 bedroom/2.5 bath (with a 2 car garage in the back) that was built in 2004. It has a cute little backyard with a little porch in the front and back of the house. There's only been one family that's lived in it, and it's literally spotless! So we are excited! It's in Round Rock, so anytime you are coming to visit the Austin area, and need a place to stay...give us a call, we may have some space. :D Did I mention the excitement? :D

Animadness is over!!!

Well, Animadness 2006 is over. We are currently waiting for the results to the contest. We finished up production on last Thursday (May 4) and J spent allllll day and night on Friday editing and cleaning up the footage. We mailed it off to New York City on Saturday (May 6th) and are glad to have that behind us. We are reallllly pleased with the way everything turned out.
Among interesting news that has been taking place in our world:
  • Char and Chris had thier baby yesterday! A healthy 7 pounder! Catherine was brought into this world with only 20 minutes of pushing. Baby and mom are reported to be fabulous.
  • EV numbers are up. Keep visiting the site!
  • We've picked out cakes for the wedding! SO SO excited about the cake!
  • I've picked out and ordered J's wedding band! It looks super nice, and corresponds nicely with mine.
Anywho, that's about all....keep checking back with us!

liked it so much, it became a blog...

Body: Tired of all those surveys where you list favorite this, favorite that..? Well now you get to list off everything you hate, and vent about everything that annoys you or makes you mad. Just let it all out and say as much as you want!


FRUIT: plantain. GROSS. the only reason i will not say my favorite food is cuban food. They cook it every kind of way imaginable and it is still dirty. DIRTY.

CANDY: Taffy. Why would i want to lose my teeth trying to eat that stuff?

BEVERAGE: Espresso. Think about it. ALSO dirty. Stains your teeth. Tastes like crap. literally. AND makes you CRAZY!!

COLOR: orange. I don't understand it. I look horrid in it. unless it is used as an accent color. For example...my shirt today is pink and orange. and it looks nice. orange by itself. horrid. ALSO...maroon. It's my school color and I hate it. I hate saying it. I hate all aspects of it. It's WAY too close to purple (which I also hate).

TOWN/CITY: San Antonio or Houston. in Texas.

TV SHOW: ALF. It was WEIRD. and totally UNREAL. But still, i'd rather watch that than the apprentice. what a BORE!

MOVIE: the Matrix series. (don't throw stones)

ASPECT OF MYSPACE: all of these bulletins like "SEE WHO'S LOOKING AT YOUR PROFILE" or "THIS IS THE REAL ONE FOR CHECKING WHO VISITS YOUR MYSPACE" how am i supposed to snoop anymore? you people are idiots. if you have an enemy on here, you don't want them to know you know they know. (i agree...)

ASPECT OF AOL/YAHOO INSTANT MESSENGER: how with the new AOL you can accidentally send messages to the wrong person and not realize it.

ANIMAL: cats. and cat lovers. i'm sorry, but something's wrong with you if you love cats. they smell, pee in a box, and sit on your tv while making you earn their affection. get a dog. (wow this is sooooo dead on) BUT. Consider the sheep. THEY ARE SO STUPID and loud and pointless. plus, they taste bad. I don't care if you like Osso Bucco. It's dirty.

INSECT: Anything that stings. or bites.

BIRD: ones that chirp outside your window at the first crack of sunlight

SEASON: Spring. Shoot me in the face with allergies.

AGE OF KIDS: High schoolers. They are so pretentious and annoying.

WHAT ANNOYS YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING WHEN DRIVING? tailing. and also people who are doing ten things at once while trying to drive. ONCE. My boss...haha....was talking on his cell, eating a cookie, drinking water from a water bottle, and shifting gears all at once. When what does he see? A homeless man at the corner. Deciding that he'd help this guy out...he waves the guy over to him as he is doing all of the afore mentioned things AND digging the change out of his ashtray. When the guy gets to his window, my boss (with cookie/water mixture in the mouth) goes to say something to him....gets flustered and excited about his good deed....spews cookie and water mixture all over the homeless man and then drives off. because the light turned green. HAHA. how horrible and funny at the same time.


EATING IN RESTAURANTS: Waiters who talk all the time. Usually they say unnecessary things like "oh, i'll be right back with your water/check/meal/fries." Me---"Really? Okay...just do it." I worked in a restaurant, and believe me, the best policy is to ask them if they need anything maybe once during the course of their meal...NOT every five seconds.

GOING THROUGH DRIVE-THRUS: Okay, has anyone noticed that when you go to Jack-in-the-crack that they have an automated answering message. It's always a really perky ('I'm so happy to work at Jack's!') chick and the ACTUAL person helping you is a 17 year old disgruntled prepubecent boy?

YOU'RE AT THE MALL: All stores that work on commission.

SLEEPING (OR TRYING TO SLEEP): Lights on/drawers open/doors open.

SHOWERING: COLD marble tubs and tile floors.

YOU'RE AT THE BEACH: When you get hit by waves so hard that it pulls you down and at the same time pushes your swimsuit top up...just as a father/son walk by. real nice.

YOU'RE AT THE GROCERY STORE: the lady at the HEB "how to cook" station. She has a microphone. is that necessary? she's right in front of you.

YOU'RE ON A DATE: when you don't know its a date until he shows up at your door "all dressed up" and with roses. EPH.

COOKING OR BAKING: when it doesn't turn out right. that's annoying. especially when you tried real hard to make it work.

WHAT HOUSEHOLD CHORE DO YOU HATE THE MOST? hangin up clothes. or loading the dishwasher.

WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE ABSOLUTE WORST WAY TO DIE? drowning or suffocating. or did you hear about the lady who was trying to beat her husbands world record for deep sea diving. She got like 589 feet below the surface, pulled her string that was supposed to inflate her balloon thing, and it didn't inflate. EPH. She died.

WHAT IS YOUR WORST HABIT? I dont have any. (har har har)

WHAT FASHION TREND (PAST OR PRESENT) HAVE YOU HATED THE MOST?: Um. Dazy dukes. Are you serious with those?

WHAT POPULAR SONG: Anything by James Blunt.

WORST OR MOST HATED PICKUP LINE: "hey, i've got teeth too. We've got so much in common!"


TO BE COMPLETELY STEREOTYPICAL, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT GIRLS? Conversations like this "I just love Willa Ford cuz she keeps it REAL!" (true story)

TO BE COMPLETELY STEREOTYPICAL, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT GUYS? How they always lower their voice when answering the phone. HA.


WHAT TICKS YOU OFF ABOUT PEOPLE? in general, people's lack to communicate and empathize. (not sympathize)

Oh I should be embarassed.

1.) On my way to workout I totally jam some Madonna "Confessions on a Dancefloor." and then on my way back from my workout it's nothing but "Black Angels" cuz i'm all buff and feel like a bad-assss. :D

2.) Dental work doesn't bother me at all.

3.) I have no idea how i graduated with my degree.

4.) I have night terrors on nights when i've eaten pizza for dinner. Sometimes I can't be woken up, and I'll have the same dream OVER and OVER....

5.) I sing Bryan Adams songs in the shower. ALL the time.

6.) When I eat Chicken Express chicken tenders, i totally put the ketchup *IN* my gravy.