random stuff i love about austin, (part three?)

19 Sep 05 Monday
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I was at an Idlewild concert with my sweety this weekend. It was awesome, but that's not the point. Or maybe it's part of the point, i dunno yet. So I love the random concert crowds in Austin. There's the young-obviously-a-freshman-because-of-the-"x"-marks-on-my-hands group. There's the creepy-guy-all-by-himself-in-the-corner-tryin-to-figure-out-how-to-set-up-his-digital-camera-timer-so-he-doesn't-look-like-he's-there-alone types. There's the I'm-55-and-not-sure-why-my-kid-got-me-to-come-to-this-crazy-concert-on-6th-street type usually sitting in the corner next to the afore mentioned creepy guy. There is the so-emo-it-kills type of kids. There are the (my personal favorite) super-rock-fashion-spikey-haired-we-thought-out-our-corresponding-high-fashion-outfits-days-in-advance-so-we-could-look-intimidatingly-awesome-for-this-show couple. BUT, I witnessed the most amazing couple this weekend. I will be posting a pic soon with this blog...it is a shitty pic because i took it with my phone. BUT, none-the-less, it will be a pic to illustrate my fascination with this couple. They were standing in front of j. and me. First off, I couldn't tell if it was two boys or two girls. BUT, as it turns out, it was a boy AND a girl. The girl was a slim, tall emo-type. maybe 5'9" and about 110 pounds. BUT the best part was that the guy was all of 82 pounds and 5'2". HAHAHAHAHA....it was so funny. Most of the time, she had her arm around him... I'm not laughing because i think it's funny...but they were so cute! hahaha...okay, and it's a little bit funny. ;) I LOVE IT.

How cool is my boyfriend?

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So you might have thought this would be a random rant on how much I love J. Barton.....how awesome he is...how sweet he is to me, and how I feel like I don't deserve him. But you'd be WRONG....

Because the ONLY purpose of this blog entry is to brag about how cool he is. Let me start with a little background. About a year ago, J. worked at Dell. He hated it. He wanted to quit. So he did really shitty in sales for a pay period. Well, when it came time to pay the bills, he needed a little extra cash. Let me also tell you that J plays guitar. Very well. He's very shy about this, so don't ask him to play for you. Unless you request "The Ants go Marching In"....which is really awesome. Ok...back to the story. So J plays guitar and he's broke about a year ago. So what does he do, he takes his prized Hiwatt amp to the local pawn shop. Mind you, with every intent of getting it back with the next paycheck. Well....as the story most tragically goes...he didn't get it back. From J's recollection, this amp was amazing. WELL....fast forward about a year to yesterday. Yesterday, J posted this ad on craigslist:

original post on craigslist : 2 button hiwatt footswitch switches channels/effects loop on and off. Works with my VOX Pathfinder so it will probably work with any amp. This was meant to go on a HIWATT DC40, so to the lucky person who got my beloved DC40 combo that I had to pawn at the Doc Holiday's on Lamar a year ago, here's the footswitch you're missing.

This morning, the following email arrived in his Inbox:

i got your amp...be back in austin next week...had it out on tour with kelly clarkson...good amp....anyway, ill take the footswitch if you still have it.

HA! He's so cool! :) You know you are cool when....

random stuff about austin that i love (part two)

random stuff about austin that i love (part two)
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I love that I can call and get information for a Thursday happy hour on Wednesday morning at 8. I love *THAT*....and i also love that I'm old enough to have a job and go to happy hour to celebrate the work week with my work friends. Love it...k....so, today... 5 oclock....be at Texas Land and Cattle for 2 dollar everything! :) yeah you heard right...