Engagement pics!

Here's the teaser from our photographer. We shot these pics around downtown Austin on Sunday evening (June 11). We are SO happy with our photographer. He's an enthusiast who really loves what he does. We had so much fun shooting these, and we can't wait to see the final gallery. We should have links to the gallery up soon. Enjoy!


please refer to here and watch the video entitled "Food Fight."

Oh the birthday afterglow...

Soooookay......my birthday was awesome. I'm a year older and I love it.l So let me just tell you a little about my wonderful birthday. Be jealous. Be very jealous. :D
I went home to Pampa for the week after being (gasp) laid off from my job. I got to see my dad and I took kendall home with me. Mom, Kendall and I came back to Austin on Saturday, June 3. We stopped by my house to pick up J and headed to A's for a delicious dinner. Once we got back to the new house, we decided that we would have a sleepover. On the fourth, Mom, J and I woke up at 6:30 (in the a.m.) and hopped into the rented 3 row Ford Explorer and headed to the condo, picked up D/A/K and headed south on ol' I35 towards San Antonio; DESTINATION: SEAWORLD!!!
OKay, first of all...SeaWorld is so amazing and fun, no matter how old you are. I don't know who enjoyed it most! I cried thru the whole Shamu show....I was SO excited.
On my actual birthday, Monday, Mom decided to stay a day longer and we shopped until we dropped. We got flowers for the house, clothes for job interviews and engagement pictures, and more flowers for the garden. I could not think of a greater way to pass time than to plant flower boxes with my mom and plant flowers in the garden with my fiance. SO much fun. SO perfect. In the history of all birthdays, this birthday was the greatest. I have the best family and the greatest friends.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Image hosted by Webshots.comImage hosted by Webshots.comImage hosted by Webshots.comImage hosted by Webshots.com

Mom came back to Austin with me and Kendall on Saturday. Sunday we went to San Antonio for a Sea World adventure! It was SO much fun...here's some pics to show you what all we did! :D
I'll upload more pictures into an album after I get some rest! soooooo tired, and i'll be so OLD tomorrow! :D I looooooove birthdays!