Saturday night w/ GB and friends...

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wow. wow. wowsers. So we went to a concert at Jesse's Bed and Breakfast on 10/29/05. And there are many ways to break down that "concert" i mean multiple concerts (four bands played). By "Jesse's Bed and Breakfast" I actually mean a two story house that was in fact owned by college kids and somehow converted into possibly the BESTEST college party house EVER. In it's own right, it could be described as a make-shift frat house for bands. The garage has been converted into a stage area where you can get up close and personal with your favorite bands. AND...there's free beer in the homemade KEG-er-ator. What made this party even better, is that it was a four month anniversary of the first date that Jay and I had. AND...the amazing part is that it was four months to the day, AND it was the same event (kind of--we went to see golden bear in concert for our first date).

Now, let me just tell ya...Golden Bear sounded amazing that night. They played all the favorites like Santa Rosa, 10,000 Orchestras and Gospel Truth. Hoorah! Then the next three bands to take the stage, I had never heard of, but I'm glad I was there to witness the pandamonium. (Did I mention that it was a pre-halloween costume party?) The next band to take the stage was "the early tapes"...and for lack of a better comparison, I felt like I was at a Doors concert. An amazing sound, unlike anything else going on today. Tia Carrera was next, and they put on a fabulous show of transic metal. I literally felt like I was in a jam session-fun times.

As for my nonclimactic blog, that's pretty much it. It was amazing fun. And I guess I'm just writing this blog to say (A)Thanks for the good times, Golden Bear. and most importantly,(B) thanks for the last amazing four months, j! i love you; you have changed my life.

How broke am i?

12 Oct 05 Wednesday
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I'm broke. Not that I'm ashamed, because, I'm still paying my own bills and paying my own rent and car payment. It's the first of the month, and I'm between paychecks. And, to make matters worse, not only am I broke, but so is J. But at least he's broke for a reason...stupid chick stole 700 bucks from him on ebay (Don't worry, she's going to pay), and he just bought a new computer, is paying his own rent, bills and new car payment.

Oh, what's that? Perfect timing! Mom is coming to visit for five days. SMILE SMILE SMILE! so, after mom left town on Monday, I took a look at my full fridge, and my mouth began to water at the thought of the feast that I would be having that night. so, after I woke up from my nap (ha, cuz I deserved one), J and I decided that we would eat, drink, and be merry. So, after pancakes, pizza, tacos and beer, we were still unsatisfied. And it was only 8:30. What did we want? Something that would make the above smorgasbord complete--Sparks. If you haven't had Sparks, then rush out and buy some (it's an excellent beverage for malt liquor drinkers because not only will it get you sloshed, it will make you hyper because it has caffiene. and taurine. and it's only 6 dollars for a 6 pack.(read a review here )

So we went to the store, but alas, they were SOLD OUT of Sparks, because it's awesome., what do we do (because we are SO broke), but decide that the perfect substitute is Boones Farm wine product. Notice that it is indeed a wine product (if you get certain flavors like green apple). Now, neither of us had drank Boones since, oh i dunno... high school. So, here's the best part..and the subject of this story. We go up to pay the nice lady for our trasy wine product and Twizzlers (b/c really, what's better than that combination). $2.71 a bottle. And not only are we emberassed that we have to buy Boones, but she looks at me, asks me my date of birth. and then how we are doing "fine, thanks, *muffled laugh*" and then "would you like me to wrap these in a brown paper bag for you?" GEEBUS, do they really ask that if you buy anything other than Boones? I couldn't do anything but LAUGH, hysterically even.

So that's how broke I am. But, hope is in the future, I get paid on Friday. :) Then we are going to be drinking champagne on our camping trip.

I hope you people don't look for anything more than entertainment value in these posts.