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26 Aug 2005
random stuff about austin that i love (part one)
Current mood: nostalgic

So, I would like to take a minute to talk about the random things about austin that I LOVE. I'm sure there will be numerous parts to this, but I can only do so much at a time.

I love that in my 7 mile drive between home and work that there are 4 (that I counted this morning) RANDOM shoes on the street. When I first moved to Austin, there was this one black shoe on 1325 between Wells Branch and La Frontera. Every morning, and every afternoon I would LOOK for the shoe. It was a man's black athletic shoe. Maybe it was a basketball shoe at one point. I thought it was so odd that no one would stop to pick it up. I mean, there's plenty of donation stations that could probably find a matching shoe for this one lonely zapato. I looked forward to seeing the shoe so much every day that it became a game. J and I had random conversations about "the shoe" on several occasions when we first started dating. It was a daily topic. "so, you see the shoe today? is it still there?" or "you should put it on the mantel in a shadow box at your new place."

That is the original shoe. Now, this morning I saw a rubber work boot (also black), a white running shoe, and a men's dress shoe. I can't help but wonder. What are the men of Austin doing to lose so many single shoes????