Craving chocolate?

Search WebMD and find a chocolate addiction video featuring a psychology professor that you did a data entry/nicotine-lab job for in college! It doubles the guilt by at least 100x.

Now, back to that chocolate....

sometimes there's just nothing better to say.

me: scouts favorite thing to do lately is to try and pull her diaper off

it's pretty much the funniest thing

because she spends the majority of the day sagging enough that you see her butt crack

Sent at 4:07 PM on Friday

E W: nice

Sent at 4:09 PM on Friday

me: and then she stands next to me on the couch and says CATCH

and then dives

on my laptop

naked butt and all

are you getting a visual of the hassle it is to type this

HELP. My kid refuses breakfast.

It all started a couple of weeks ago...the usual apple-cinnamon waffles just weren't cutting it. You couldn't get her to eat them. Not in her highchair, not in a box, not with a treehouse with a fox. She will not eat them, Mom-I-am.

So then, we tried fruit. She will eat the crud out of strawberries, blueberries, peaches and bananas. So, GREAT, I'm thinking. But then, the diapers. Oh...the diapers. I'm pretty sure she was getting too much fiber in those fruits and needed a little more. So, we tried that ol' standby...cheerios.

But, nope. Not interested.

So at this point, our morning routine consists of waking up...fixing BLUEBERRY waffles...and bananas...which the kiddo screams at, throws on the floor and then demands that someone get her down from her highchair because dangit, she is not eating this crap. Or apparently, any other crap. Not even yogurt with cereal and fruit.

Tried eggs yesterday, and she broke out in a rash all over her face. I'm hopelessly lost. Mac and cheese for breakfast, anyone?

Happy Three YEARS to us!

JB and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary! Though we planned on just spending it at home (after a weekend trip to my hometown and back...and plans that fell through for the condo in Galveston)...our good friend E volunteered to watch the little one so that we could go out and have a "date night."

Being the romantic couple that we are, we ate dinner at Which Wich and went to see the new Quentin Tarantino flick "Inglorious Basterds" (awesome, btw). But tonight, we did what we probably would have done lastnight...enjoyed a dinner of farmer's market sweet corn, farmer's market black-eyed peas (we shelled ourselves this weekend), and cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! J noted how we saved all of our calories for cupcakes. :D We talked about how the last year flew by even quicker than the first two, and how happy we are to be where we are today...though we both wish we had a little more time to play with Legos.

It seems like the rain gods have heard our pleas for rain since last week's water restrictions went "mandatory." We've been blessed with rain here in the Pflug. for TWO nights in a row. Right now, we are both doing a little bit of work on our laptops and listening to it rain. Even the dogs are excited about the rain. For the record, thunderstorms in central Texas are MUCH less frightening than they are in the Panhandle.'s to US; the ones who love each other without question, without abandon, without reason.

First day of school

Today marks the first day of the school year 2009 for most. My cousin is a senior in high school, my neice started kindergarten, my nephew started a new school...and Scout starts potty training. So many new changes and exciting things, we had to join in!

I'll keep you posted on the happenings of potty training. What's happening now? Scout is refusing breakfast unless it is blueberries, strawberries, peaches or bananas. It could be worse, I guess....

Grammar Nazi.

Learn how to use the word "allege."


What July looked like for me....via tweets.

*searching for tires online. cheapest place? 9:19 PM Jul 1st from web

*just realized that jay left the water running in the backyard for about 14+ hours. yippee.1:01 PM Jul 2nd from web

*quality time with my awesome amazing wonderful husband 9:16 PM Jul 5th from web

*waiting to take the brohem and his wife-hem and child-hem to the airport-hem.9:09 AM Jul 7th from web

*grumpy pants, party of one.3:49 PM Jul 12th from web

*what happened Tony and Jessica? WHO CARES!?!?8:07 AM Jul 14th from web

*lknneezdxxzxZXa5...UPDATED BY SCOUT8:19 AM Jul 14th from web

*pool, check! lunch, check! nap, check! playing baby dolls for 30 minutes, check! (having a girl is so much FUNNNN!)5:22 PM Jul 15th from web

*feeding kiddo bananas for dinner. what else can we rummage up....6:33 PM Jul 16th from web

*please don't go giiirrrrrrrrrllllllll!8:43 AM Jul 20th from web

*hates that scam checks in the mail get her so excited....and the daydreaming begins.9:38 PM Jul 20th from web

*baby loves her VHS tapes10:03 AM Jul 23rd from web

*grinding teeth at night has broken through the threshold of my porcelain crown and is continuing to split my tooth down into the root. owch.8:23 PM Jul 25th from web

*the sleeping balance is off in this house. like, majorly....8:28 AM Jul 30th from web

*ahhh rain! happy plants, happy momma!10:05 AM Jul 30th from web

*Scout loves playing dress up....and I love watching her.1:57 PM Jul 30th from web

*up and watching saved by the bell college years. funnnn....7:55 AM Jul 31st from web

Happy August everyone! Back to school soon!