Happy Three YEARS to us!

JB and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary! Though we planned on just spending it at home (after a weekend trip to my hometown and back...and plans that fell through for the condo in Galveston)...our good friend E volunteered to watch the little one so that we could go out and have a "date night."

Being the romantic couple that we are, we ate dinner at Which Wich and went to see the new Quentin Tarantino flick "Inglorious Basterds" (awesome, btw). But tonight, we did what we probably would have done lastnight...enjoyed a dinner of farmer's market sweet corn, farmer's market black-eyed peas (we shelled ourselves this weekend), and cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! J noted how we saved all of our calories for cupcakes. :D We talked about how the last year flew by even quicker than the first two, and how happy we are to be where we are today...though we both wish we had a little more time to play with Legos.

It seems like the rain gods have heard our pleas for rain since last week's water restrictions went "mandatory." We've been blessed with rain here in the Pflug. for TWO nights in a row. Right now, we are both doing a little bit of work on our laptops and listening to it rain. Even the dogs are excited about the rain. For the record, thunderstorms in central Texas are MUCH less frightening than they are in the Panhandle.

Anywho...here's to US; the ones who love each other without question, without abandon, without reason.