9 months (April 2013)

A recap. 

The end of March and beginning of April 2013: 
Spring has sprung in the neighbordhood. The rose bushes are glorious and the loquat trees are heavy with their fruit. We were obsessed with the House Finch who hatched her eggs on our front porch, and the daddy bird who brought them fresh worms each morning. 

Sloane has began saying "Mama." Or more accurately..."mamamamamamama."  She was nine months old on April 12th. She's standing more and more and I can't keep her away from the dining room chairs. Or the toy piano. Or the couch. 

Scout was big into rollerskating and fashion. She was just over five years old. She enjoyed her "Spring Break" from Chalk Preschool and hung out with our neighbor's grand-daughter who was visiting from the Bay Area. We picked up our enrollment packet for Kindergarten, and practiced walking to the school. Scout is so excited to start school and talks about it constantly. Jay and Scout have been reading C.S. Lewis  books and are starting Prince Caspian. 

Jay and the girls enjoyed Saturday/Sunday morning walks to Starbucks...down the hill and back up with breakfast in-tow for a spoiled Mama who got to sleep in on such occasions.  Though it worried me a little (that Jay was going to hurt himself pushing both girls up that Mar Vista hill), I totally appreciated the effort and the joy that it brought all of them. Jay celebrated his favorite holiday....Record Store Day on 4/20/13. He's found a new record shop on the West side, Touch Vinyl and frequents it often. 

My mom (Marmee) paid us a visit for the weekend. While Jay shopped for records, we shopped for a scooter for Sloane and found her a Minnie Mouse "Go-Go," a toy she immediately fell in love with. We drove the girls to Laguna Beach for a beach picnic. It was a little on the chilly side, but that didn't stop us from playing in the beautiful, blue ocean. Scout got her hair cut and we got in a date night before mom had to head back to Tx.