Holy Cow!


Just noticed that my first blog was written on August 26, 2005!

Anniversary week is crazy!

How fun was that?

Sunday, funday

Oh ya know...just hanging out with Scout, watching the VMAs.

And by "scout," I mean "rapunzel."

And by "VMAs," I mean "Lilo and Stitch."

Life as a mom is SOOOO glam.

It's like 24/7 glam.

Interview your 3 yr old.

Hey Scout, what happens when you get married?

You get some flowers. And they go all in your hair. And then, you eat birthday cake. And you put your crowns on. And you get more flowers. And everyone gets some. And you throw some flowers. And you kiss. But I'm not going to kiss. I'm just going to get married. All I have to do is not kiss.

(This question prompted by her telling me that Piglet and Eeyore were married because they went down the slide together)

Robyn is so adorbs, you guys...

but what's even cuter than a swedish pixie with a pixie cut?

Scout, in the backseat singing Robyn songs.


Great article here to educate yourself on fertility issues.

I was going to originally just post this previous sentence. That was going to be my grand statement. But, given the secrecy/shame associated with fertility, I'm going to chronicle our journey here. To catch you up to date:

We tried on our own for a few months in the spring and summer of 2009. After a few unsuccessful months, I decided I wasn't ready for the emotional strain put on Jay and myself.

When Scout turned two in 2010, we began trying again. After more and more and more months of unsuccessful attempts, I decided that in November, I would make an appointment with my Obgyn and hopefully get a referral so that Jay and I could return to Texas Fertility Center. (I guess I should inform you that we were patients with Dr. Silverberg at TFC and successfully got pregnant after our first round of Clomid back in 2007--hence Scout).

After meeting with our Obgyn, we decided that we would do a round of Clomid through her office, and began our first round of 50ml Clomid. We had a proven track record in the form of a fierce 2 year old, and believed that it would work again because I seemed to be ovulating every month without the assistance of prescriptions. No luck. So, just before Christmas...we were aware of our very real struggle to get pregnant.

We tried again in January. We didn't want to get our hopes up. But I have to admit, when we upped the dosage to 100mls, I was expecting results. Soon after, another ultrasound with tiny follicles. Basically, my ovulation cycle is not like everyone else's. It's unpredictable and likes to keep us guessing. Not only that, but the side effects of this dosage were incredibly different. Insomnia, light-headed feelings, nervous energy/panic, and emotional outbursts...in other words, I was turned upside down for about two weeks. Not to mention the pressure of "this better be worth it."

THEN...the big news came that we were moving across the country. So, in a tearful discussion with my obgyn, in February...days before Scout's 3rd birthday...I asked what our next step was. She said that if we were staying in Austin, she would recommend we see an REI specialist. That's Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist. Basically, they outline a plan or two and you go home to decide which route is the way to go. But since we were moving....she thought the best thing to do is to wait until we get settled in our new home and then when we were ready, head to the REI specialist.

SO...Monday. August 23rd, 2011. We went to visit Dr. John Jain at Santa Monica Fertility. Coincidentally, the pediatrician that Scout sees is in the same building....across the courtyard. Walking in, we felt at ease...the staff and the doctor were incredibly helpful. We left there with more information than we had received since TFC. We feel at ease with our decision to pursue IUI and have complete trust in the doctor and nurse that will be treating us along the way.

That being said, we have a few more hoops to jump through. There are a few tests that Jay and I have to endure before we can actually get started...but after it all...we have hope.

Happy Anniversary....

Five years ago, on this very day...I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. I say lucky, because not everyone finds what they are really looking for in a mate, marriage partner, life partner, father of their future children, etc....

Then, even if you find that needle in the haystack, you might be legally blocked from marrying them. Currently, in the United States, only 6 states plus the District of Columbia legally recognize same-sex marriages.

So many people have heartbreaking stories like this. and bittersweet stories like this. and still more, like this.

In honor of my 5 year wedding anniversary, please take a moment to check out the Human Rights Campaign. If you can give a donation, that would be great. If you get involved, even better.

Let us live and love in a world where equal opportunity is a real thing.


holy moly, there is full-fledged 13 yr. old "you ruined it!" cryelling happening in this house.

cryelling---just made that one up. but you know what it means.

Scoutings (pt. III)

Things she's said lately:

While in the bathtub--"I need you to bring me something with more life in it. It has three points like a triangle."

After wiping off excessive amounts of lip gloss---"Awww. I'm not BEAUTIFUL anymore!"

While walking to the soccer game---"Geez MOM!"

scout's favorite number

everything is 49.

Me: Scout, how many bites have you had of dinner?
Scout: um, like, 49.

Jay: How many books do you want to read?
Scout: 49.

Me (at ikea): Scout, what are you doing?
Scout: measuring. it's, like, 49.

Jay: Scout, that's too many books.
Scout: NO! It's 49!!!

Admit to it...

My name is Ashley.
And I'm a laundry procrastinator...


So today, I'm really excited. Actually, I got really excited on Saturday...and rushed out and spent more money on shoes than I've spent in a LONG time...at a running store...on running shoes. I know. First world problems.
But...anyway, I'm excited. Today, we are starting a new round of GAME ON!
So here's my stats:
Weigh in: 143 lbs.
How I'm Feeling: Heavy. My fat jeans have become my skinny jeans and my skinny jeans...well, they've been on their hanger for about 5 months now. The thickness in my neck is making me paranoid....and I know its just a little extra weight.
On giving up coffee: I'm missing it. Horribly. But all this water I'm drinking is helping.
Exercise for today: Running. Gotta get my $ worth, there.