Oh, my Scout. You're my little laugh-a-minute. 

Last week, we were visiting Texas. I took you and your aunt Allie and cousin Maddie, and of course Sloane to eat at the Salt Lick. Some good 'ol fashioned BBQ before we returned to the land of Baja. We enjoyed a nice meal and then piled back in the car, full of smokey and savory meat, cobbler, cole slaw, and sweet tea. 

Sloane sat in the middle carseat, while you were behind the driver, and Maddie was on the other side. Your sister was having a rare moment where she felt like screaming in the car...the entire way home. So, you went about your Big Sister duties. You tried singing (because it usually works). You tried laughing (hoping that she'd catch on and laugh, too). You tried crying (hoping to "outcry" the baby). You tried giving her a lovey. You tried a pacifier. I think at one point you even offered your own hand for her to chew on (her very favorite thing ever). 

When none of these things worked, you gave up and decided that she was just going to cry for a minute. I turned back and saw you holding her pacifier. You said "it's not working!" I told you that it was fine, that sometimes babies just cry for no reason other than to cry or that we couldn't fix the problem right then. 

The next thing I know, you were laughing...and a in a mischievous voice I heard: "I'm using her slobber to paint her face like an Indian!" 

I'm not sure your sister appreciated it at the moment...but this story will make her smile in years to come. Like, a lot of years. 

Fourth month

You've entered your fourth month. Everything is a dream. You've started rolling. I was showing you off to my sweet friends over Thanksgiving break. I told them you were rolling from back to tummy but then getting so frustrated because you couldn't figure out what to do next. As soon as I put you down on their rolled....back to front and front to back and back to front and front to back...straight off the blanket. You're a nut! 

As soon as we get a handle on you and your throw us for a loop! It seems like every milestone is at an inclinate pace (but you are right on track). You're working on sitting up by yourself. You prefer sitting in the bumbo chair. You think your sister is hilarious. You can focus on things across the room. This morning, I took you on an emergency trip to Whole Foods (out of diapers) and as soon as I opened the back hatch to get your stroller out, you saw my face and started giggling. It's hard not to break eye contact with you when you do things like that. Your smile is contagious. You are starting to warm up to strangers. Up until a few weeks ago, you were not impressed with other's attempts at getting you to smile. You are very stoic that way. Now, you'll smile at the waiter, the cashier, Scout's teachers, other kids, animals, etc.

You met more of your extended family this month. We went to Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday and to see your Bepaw who returned from Tanzania to spend time with his four grandchildren (two of which are new to him). You were quite surprised by the familiarity in his face and the difference in his voice. But then, you charmed him with your smile. He admitted to us that if the two grandkids had been on their way before he left, he would have had a hard time making his commitment to the Peace Corp a reality. We are glad, however, that he has had this opportunity. We are so proud of him and all that he's doing. It goes to show that you should never give up on matter how "out of the norm" and difficult they may seem. I hope that you will learn that from him and other people in your life.

You also met two sets of your great-grandparents. You are one lucky and loved little lady. You received your Texas state seal baby rattle (a family heirloom item that all the babies have on my side of the family) and your knitted-by-hand Christmas stocking with your name on it (something everyone has on Jay's side of the family).

You have found your toes. You love reaching for them every chance you get. You've managed to get them in your mouth a few times, but still prefer your thumb. I thought I'd never encourage a thumb sucker, by the way. But has nothing to do with wether I've encouraged it or not. You were born sucking your hand (actually have ultrasound photos of you doing this in-utero) and you will be a thumb-sucker, regardless of all the times we offer you a pacifier.

I can't wait for this next month. You will meet more of your extended family as we travel to Texas.  I can't wait to share your first Christmas. I can't wait for you to try new things (food! sitting up! starting to crawl!). You are truly amazing babe.