theme park weekday

theme park weekday

Fat Face cross shirt
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TopShop hot pants shorts
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Flat shoes
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Becky Kelso 14 karat jewelry
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Michael Kors buckle jewelry
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Leaf jewelry
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If I were to get married again...inspired by

The following post is inspired by a series on the fabulous blog East Side Bride. Much love.

wedding stuff two.two

I've been married to the man for 5 years this August. We've always been on the fast track...engaged after 8 months of dating, married 5 months later, and pregnant with our first kiddo 9 months after that. So, our wedding was planned in a hurry. We simply couldn't wait to be married to each other. It was a beautiful (small) ceremony in South Austin with a designer dress, 100+ temperatures, oak trees, lemon curd cake, champagne toasts and rented tuxedos.
Our tastes have changed and grown over the years and given that we've recently relocated to Southern California (away from family), I think if we were to get married would go something like this:
4th of July (or some other holiday where fireworks are a given): Georgetown, Tx. My venue of choice would be the family's homestead. My in-laws and their friends built a pier-and-beam house in the middle of 5 acres in the Texas hill country in the 90's. It's a bright yellow thing, with a beautiful porch, long red brick sidewalk, and cedar trees galore. I'd ideally have the ceremony performed on the porch while our guests sat on family quilts (collected over the years) draped over hay bales. I love gold when I'm tan and when I'm not...the color works well with my natural skin tones and blonde hair. So, I chose this gold lace frock with slip and metallic gold woven heels (Prada) for height (my man is 6 ft +, and i'm a short 5'4").I've also included some flats, because nothing is worse than sinking into the ground all night long...and also, I'm a bit of a ballet-flats-kind-of-girl.
I love Kendra Scott jewelry (she has a great shop in the South Congress shopping district in Austin, Tx), so I've gone with her Carmella Earrings in white/gold. I love the woven gold band by Botte Gaveneta. It is simple, yet complicated....much like myself. I tend to wear just my wedding band on the daily, so the oval rose cut red diamond "engagement ring" would look perfect on my right hand. For my "something blue" I've included the blue/gold wide bangle. I'm also a bit of a traditionalist....I like the "something old, borrowed, blue" of weddings. The Maison Michel headpiece is tdf. I love the heavy stones braided and tangled in the wire. If I didn't wear this, my maid/matron of honor would. It's just gorgeous.
The pinstripe trouser (true, it's women's clothing) are a template for what I'd like to see my guy in. Black or navy with gold/taupe stripe....yum. There's just something about tall men in pinstripe suits. Right?
My favorite color is retro-avocado. So, to add that in, I've found these great "picnic" melamine plates from Crate & Barrel. These would absolutely be on my registry.
I'm from Texas. My family raises cattle. There would HAVE to be BBQ. And banana pudding in lieu of a traditional cake. It's just a fact of life. I'd also include some chopped Vegetarian "BBQ" from Jo's Coffee Shop for the vegetarian in-laws and guests.
We have a few friends (being from Austin) that are in the music business, so the shindig following the ceremony would be all about music, dancing and sing-alongs. We'd invite everyone we know, because we miss everyone like hell right now. As the night would come to a close, we'd give everyone the option of riding into town to see the city's fireworks. It would be the perfect way to start our life together...again.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! And happy birthday to my lovable grindad!
We spent our long weekend doing this:

and this:

and also attended fireworks show and soccer game, care of the L.A. Galaxy! Go Galaxy!