Forgive me.

I've been M.I.A....preoccupied...busy...

You see, on July 12, 2012...our lives were forever changed. Our world was rocked. Our experience enhanced. Our bounty increased. Our fruits were labored. 

Our sweet Ada Sloane came into the world at 3:49 pm. She weighed in at 6lbs 14 oz. A tiny package, ready to meet her family. She measured 18.5 inches. She was almost 2 lbs smaller and 2 inches shorter than her sister's birthsize. She was also 17 days earlier than her sister...delivered at 38 wks 5 days. 

She has wasted no time gaining weight and growing inches. By her two week appointment, she was weighing 7lbs 8oz and measuring 20.25 inches. 

We are all doing very well. Delivery and recovery were much easier for me with this one. I almost literally bounced back immediately. I ran off of very little sleep and lots of adrenaline for the first week, and family stepped in to help out so I could rest. 

Life is good. Amazing.


Our little smarty pants keeps us laughing...enjoy. 

Scout: Hawaii? That's where my friend goes to eat dinner all the time.
Jay: Scout, do you know where we are from? 
Scout: MEXICO! 
Jay: Not quite....
Scout: ARIZON-I-A!
Jay: Getting closer. 

At the dinner table (eating pesto pasta with shrimp and cherry tomatos)
Scout: Mom! Is this DEAD? (holding a shrimp)

Me: I know you don't quite understand, but mommy is exhausted. 
Scout: Don't take another nap! a book and pretend you DON'T like sleeping! 

This just happened...

As Jay is walking out the door to go to the post office:

Me: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! 

Jay: I know. What flavor? 

Me: ummmmm

Jay: You want both flavors? 

Me: No, just the chocolate with peanut butter.

Jay: But you want two of them? 

Me: That should last me the rest of the week. 

Jay: uh...huh....

Me: love you!