We closed on the house!!! 2/2

We went to "look" at houses, and found one that was PERFECT! We signed a purchase agreement and are proud to say that we were approved for financing! It is really a gruling process....but when it's all said and done...it really feels great! The mortgage company does an extensive and VERY thorough background check and when they give you that stamp of approval...it can be very satisfying! We closed on the last day of February, and begin moving in the first week of March! We can't believe how quickly this all happened, but we are SO ready and excited! Come and see us in Pflugerville!

Story of a dog.

I'm bored, and there's 8 minutes until grey's so.....here's a story about my puppy.

From haircut

I love my puppy...

even when she bites me.

Sometimes i control her with my magical powers....

and then she's a good dog...

and she takes pretty pictures.
The End.