fun bits of pregnancy

We always hear about the hardships of pregnancy. What about the fun bits? 
*nightly ice cream, no excuse needed.
*perfectly okay to send sig-oth to store for cheetos. even if he/she is in the middle of making dinner. or if it's 11:00 at night. 
*usually can cut in any line. bathroom? check. grocery store? check. DMV? maybe?
*accidentally fall asleep while making a grocery list? No worries. Take that nap! 
*instant table or big belly? all depends on the use. 
*guilting strangers into putting out that ciggy in your general vicinity. especially if you're eating. 
*get to hog ALL the pillows. always. 
*and the bed too. 
*need help carrying things? no problem. thank you, random stranger! 
*a valid excuse to hire movers, painters, cleaners.