Now I know what those professional boxers feel like...

I made it to my next weight class! I gained five pounds! Wahoo!
We had our 2 wk check-up today and everything looks great. The nurse actually did a double take and then had to check our file to make sure I was the right person. haha! She couldn't believe how pregnant I look all of a sudden! Haha! I tried to tell these people that I've been eating...but the proof was in the pudding today!
Baby H threw everyone for a loop today...she showed her first signs of stubbornness. While the doctor was trying to get a clear listen to Baby H's heartbeat, our little princess decided it was recess time! She wouldn't hold still and was too excited about something! The doctor did get a "muffled" listen to her heartbeat (but only after putting her hand on the top of my tummy to attempt to hold that little monkey still! And her heartbeat's at 140 bpm, which is great!
That's it for the "update." We go to the doctor again in two weeks...the day after Christmas!
Ho! Ho! Ho!