A note about sleep.

Sleep is important for many reasons, and honestly? I thought once Scout started sleeping through the night, I would be SOOO well rested. Back to my "old self." No more bags under the eyes. No more grumpy mornings. Loads of energy.

Lately, it's not been the case. After reading about cases where Chinese drywall has led to illness, I'm beginning to question our walls. ;) Okay, not really. But, what the heck is up with my lack of feeling well-rested?

I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks, when we go on our baby-free vacation (sad, I know)...I'll be able to sleep. Yeah right. ha. I'm already counting on being rundown and worrisome the entire time we're gone. Funny, how I used to tease and taunt Jay about how he can't relax...even on vacation. Doh!

So, with that...I'm going to assess our room's Feng Shui and see what I'm doing wrong. I'm pretty sure the pile of laundry at the foot of our bed is messing with our chi.

Internet love.