The importance of routines, binkies, and lullabies

Finally, after the Christmas holiday travel and the New Year's Eve debacle, we are back into a routine. It only took five days...but man, those were loooooong days. We definitely were not ready for J to go back to the office on Monday.

But now, we are back to our four squares and two naps a day, and it is pure bliss. S is finally sleeping through the night again. In fact, this morning when she woke up, a disoriented mom thought it was 2 or 3 in the morning...and sent dad to go soothe her with a binky....yeah.

Speaking of binkies, man...our kid loves hers. In fact, it's usually somewhere in this developmental stage that babies form attachments to certain things. Often times, it's a blanket or a stuffed animal or something. But what has Miss S chosen for hers? Why...another binky, of course. Putting her to bed or down for a nap without a binky in the kisser and binky in her hand is like walking out of the front door without pants on.

Her lullabies are almost as important. Since she was in the womb, we've always let her listen to music and it still has a tremendous soothing effect on her. Our house has also been filled with the sound of a heartbeat noise-maker since she was born. That with the scent of lavender and vanilla, our house is a basic 24/7 cocoon.

Speaking of...zzzzzzzzzzzz