When did that happen?

When did ordering a drink at Starbucks become a chance to get mocked, chatted up, or down right confused?! I just want a freakin' frappacino. Not a relationship!

I've never wanted to tip my barista...until today. He simply asked "what can i get started for you, today?" Then, the total, the drink and a "have a nice day."

It was great. I didn't have to talk about the weather. I didn't have to talk about "what trouble i've been up to lately." I didn't have to talk about coffee cake or sandwiches. I wasn't told "oh no, we don't make those anymore. HAHA. JUST KIDDING"

Just the drink, please and thank you.

J went to Starbucks and got the same annoying kid that took my order a couple of weeks ago...

SB guy: "Two drinks? That'll be a million bucks."

J: "uh. ok. here's my card."

SB guy: "ok. do you want a receipt?"

J: "um. no. that's ok."

SB guy: "sure you don't want to make sure I'm not charging you a million bucks?"

J: "uh. that's ok. I trust you."

SB guy: "ok. your drinks will be out in a minute. Feel free to sit there and throw things at me."

holy moly...now we are going to have to lose bets to go to Starbucks.