kids, talking, jealousy, etc.

Scout was in the dining room and yelled "GOOOO" to which Sloane replied (from the living room) "GOOOOOOOOOO." That thing about kids having their own language? Apparently it still applies if they are four years apart.

Sloane's been using inflection, volume and Guh's and Goo's and Gah's lately to express herself. At times, she really seems to be holding a conversation with me or her sister. She will say "guh" and then wait for your response and then answer back "guh." The other day, this happened no less than ten times in a row. 

Scout reads to Sloane when she is upset. She helps make tummy time more fun by getting on her tummy as well. She helps me get dinner made because she entertains her sister by dancing, singing, talking, tickling, etc. 

She also has startled her sister into crying by jumping out from behind the couch with a "boo!" or two. She's becoming a little bit jealous of my time spent with Sloane, especially on Mondays. That or she really knows how to work it in order to get Menchie's dates with mom. Either way, I'm happy to oblige when I can. 

Jealousy is definitely part of our day, but it isn't the part we remember before tucking in at night. We talk about our favorite parts of our day...the silly parts, the fun parts, the exciting things. The cplayful times and the love are the things that stick.