Give me your guesses

So tomorrow is the day that we test to find out if our IUI worked. Here are some symptoms and indicators that may or may not prove to be pregnancy signs. Full disclosure here, you may want to stop reading if you think it's "too much information." I've been experiencing extreme thirst, somewhat-slowed appetite, sensitive stomach, some fatigue, nausea and a slight but noticeable increase in cup size and body temp. All of these symptoms could be caused by various environmental changes (it was so dry in Texas), travel, PMS, and possible illness. Or I could be "incubating," as my mom says. 

In order to not freak myself out about it...I decided to make today all about a fun poll. After the jump, tell me: What do you think?

FYI, Scout is already telling everyone (including family, friends and well-intentioned waitresses) that she's going to have a new baby soon. But she doesn't know if it's a brother or sister or what it is to be called. So funny.