Clomid Chronicles, Day 4, pt. 2

Feeling horrible. Dizziness all day long...though it got a bit better just by walking around and trying to "fight" it.

I'm up now at midnight....trying to distract my mind. Because...right now. If I'm honest. It feels like someone is pulling on both of my in each direction. I'm tired. My body is tired. But my mind is racing. I'm emotional, I'm needy...I've been crying at the most random things. Out of no where. Nothing.

I'm thankful that I've not been ridiculously moody. No outbursts. I've been really trying to be brave with all the challenges that taking Clomid presents. It is a physical and mental drug. It has side effects that vary among the patients who take it. Want to feel discouraged? Read a single thread from a Clomid forum.

Tonight is just a bad night. I'm spiraling, but I know that it's almost over. One more day.