Just an ordinary update.

Lots has been happening here at the house, and other places too, hence the lack of an update. In the past two weeks, we've been to two amazing weddings, thrown a bachelorette slumber party at our house, had 12 hour work projects due over the weekend, gone to an Austin Aztec soccer game, gotten 1 year pictures made for Scooty, had two sleepovers at cousin D's house, one sleepover at Mim's house, and there's another wedding this weekend that A is making an appearance as the matron-of-honor.

Baby has been in the mood for playing dress-up lately. One of her favorite activities during the day is to bring me shirts or pants from her hamper and motion for me to put them on her. She also likes to carry around a clutch purse of mommy's and put on headbands. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The adults of the casa have scheduled a retreat in May. I will be visiting Las Vegas for the first time in my life, and J couldn't be more excited to take me there. We will be there for a couple of days and then we are flying out to Seattle where we will hang out on top of the Whole Foods, walk to Pike Street Market, and check out the EMP (Experience Music Project). THEN, on the last four days of our trip, we are heading to Sasquatch Festival! We are so excited. We haven't had a vacation like this since our honeymoon in Switzerland.

We are recommending Orbitz right now b/c their hotels are 20% off when you book your airfare. Or something like that. :D