Things I learned while in Switzerland...

1. Don't trust the road signs.
2. That smell you's cheese....get used to it.
3. Drive AWAY from Germany (unless you are cool with getting a strip-search on your honeymoon---by the scary Nazi guy from Indiana Jones).
4. Arrows like this "< >" on the road map mean you are going over a mountain pass.
5. Everyone smokes dirty cigs...even kids.
6. Wine tastes better from balconies with great views.
7. J is a better driver, planner, packer, and communicator in foreign languages. period. end of story.
8. It's okay to endulge in a little cheezy, touristy souveniers. Just don't be "that guy" who buys and wears the pants that say ZERMATT down the side of them in Zermatt.
9. Hiking in the snow is a new kind of romantic.
10. I'm the luckiest person in the world at any given moment.