10 days....10 ways....

Current mood: jubilant

Ten days until we "join together to celebrate the union of this woman and this man." I cannot explain enough how fortunate I feel at this moment and how humbled I am. I always dreamed of finding a love like this: a love like you hear about in love stories or in love songs, but with a sense of reality. I've gotten so swept up in love and it's so amazing. I'm so grateful to J for everything he is, and everything I know he will continue to be. He's an amazing man, and will make the most amazing husband. So this blog is for him; over the next ten days, I'm gonna add entries about my top ten favorite things about J. They are going to be little and big, cute and funny, and always loving.

Today: Day 10

I love the way that he can kick it like a kid. He dances with me in HEB, he plays boardgames and he really digs grilled cheese sandwiches.

Today: Day 9

Best cuddler in the world. No, seriously. I've never been one to actually fall asleep while cuddling until I met J. When I was younger (mom always tells this story), I would wake up in the mornings and not want to do anything for about thirty minutes but be held. Not much has changed, because now days, I wake up and I curl up next to J and let him hold me for a good thirty minutes, maybe even an hour. WIth cuddles like that, you can't help but feel protected, loved, cared for, and complete.

Today: Day 8

The way he cares and takes care.

Today: Day 7

He never forgets things that are important to me. Birthdays, anniversaries, favorite meals, favorite candies, favorite ice creams...etc. He has a really good memory and never lets special stuff slide.

Today: Day 6

I've spent nearly every day with him in the last year, and we still miss each other when we aren't together. He calls me at home during the day, and I call him at work and it never seems bothersome. That's nice.

Today: Day 5

He's adventerous. He takes me kayaking. He's taking me hiking. ONE DAY, he'll take me camping. (lil' inside joke)....He likes new things that aren't so typical. He has taken me to see musicals in the park and to concerts galore. He's taught me soccer ball tricks to impress my friends. All these things fall under the category of adventerous. :D

Today: Day 4

Best support system known to me. He's always encouraging me and giving me that extra push that I need sometimes. He's there for me in the kind of way that I don't have to reach out. He knows when I'm in need and always is first to offer a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on.

Today: Day 3

He makes me laugh. The deep-belly-kind-of-laughs that make you a happier person. He knows when to have fun and is the best at making fun. If you know me, you know how I love to goof around and crack jokes....he gets that. And he actually thinks I'm pretty funny too. :D

Today: Oh geez..Day 2!
I'm so emotional! But that's not the reason for Day 2.

He picked me. He knows me through and through and he still picked me. He knows my faults and he accepts our differences (I will always despise David Bowie because of The Labryinth) and he loves me anyways. I can't believe that I'm getting married to the most fabulous man on earth on Friday! hehe!

Today: Days left: 1!!
How exciting! One of my favorite things about J is his infinite knowledge in all things. He really is like an encyclopedia. Anything I could ever need to know is in that brain. hehe. But he's not cocky about it...and not a know-it-all...on the contrary...he's very interesting...which makes for LOTS of great conversation.

and I'm gonna go ahead with the next day:


Everything I've ever asked for in my heart of hearts was fulfilled when I met this amazing man and I am continually reminded of that. Every time I look at his sweet face, I feel complete.