The Flu

Scout has "the flu," so I've been home for the last two days with her while she recovers. Which, if this is the flu...I'll take it. Because it hasn't been all that bad honestly. She's had a cough and runny nose, has been REALLY lethargic, achy, and has had a little bit of a tummy issue.....but no vomiting or high fevers. I don't know if her diagnosis was correct or if my kid has a super immune system that fights off the worst of symptoms. Either way, she is appearing to be better (on day 3 now) and has had us watching Wonder Pets and playing board games with her all morning.

On a related note, I always instinctively type "flue" and then also instinctively delete the extra letter. I heart spelling.

Allergen season is on the horizon, be sure to load up on your pollen solution and honey and zyrtec. It is the only thing I have grown to loathe about CenTex. Cedar fever. and Oak pollen. omg. Looking forward to our escape in a couple of weeks to Seattle...snow falling from the sky instead of pollen!

Edge of your seat announcement coming up this week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. It might be better than Oprah's family secret revelation.