a change of pace.

Some days, I'm working just to make a living. Some days I wish with all my heart that I could just stay home and snuggle with Scout and take care of things around the house and all the stuff that takes so much time that I don't have. Some times, it breaks my heart that I'm not the one teaching things to Scout and watching every new step and change under a magnifying glass. Today was one of those days. We spent most of the day together. We cuddled from 4 a.m. to 8. She went to school from nine to eleven. I made it back in time to sit with her during lunch for a little while. We finished up and headed home for an afternoon nap. We snuggled for a couple of hours and then headed out again to have a nice dinner and take care of some more errands. Just the two of us. I definitely watched her under the microscope today.