Scooty's 3 month picture preview.

So you all remember about four months ago when Scout had her first pictures taken by Britt Oliver, right? Well, here's the sneak preview of photos from her 3 month session. Man, am I glad we booked these photo sessions!

Britt did exactly what I've wanted for this photo session, and I didn't even have to tell her! As a do all these "everyday" things that are really the best moments you have with your lil' one....and you want to hold on to that...these pics have really captured that feeling... especially in the details....I have no idea the amount of HOURS we spend just looking at her eyelashes, her mouth, her ears, her hair, her fingers and toes.

It's like she said, we are so in love with our little girl and everything she does! She really captured our hearts with these pics. So without further ado, check out the preview here: