The Decemberists

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J took me to see The Decemberists lastnight at Stubbs BBQ. Amazing show...if you get the chance to see them in your area on their current Crane Wife tour, do yourself the favor and catch the show. Here's a setlist in non-sequential order for those who are fans:
The Crane Wife (all parts)
Song for Myla Goldberg
The Island (all parts)
Shankill Butcher
The Legionnaire's Lament
16 Military Wives
The Gymnast, High above the Ground
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
We Both Go Down Together
O Valencia
The Perfect Crime No. 2
Sons & Daughters
and last but not least, the delightful song on my profile: Culling Of The Fold
(during which Colin Meloy called a fan's mother on their cellphone and sang the eerie words into the phone)
There were crowd-involved vocal warmups and "la dee dah" competitions (of which, I think "stage right" was loudest). I'd forgotten how much I loved them, and seeing them live just relit a fire! Luckily we caught them!